I'm loving this cute sign I won off 5K's & Chardonnay's from Happy Pretty

Jessica the etsy shop owner was super sweet and altered her Beach sign for me and made a LAKE one with my choice of colors.
We will have to find a good spot for this at the lake.
Thanks again ladies.
(PS. Go check out the Happy Pretty Etsy Shop, she has some really cute stuff)

 I'm loving when Cruz & Lily are playing and Lil sneaks in a kiss or cuddles up to Cruz.

 I'm loving Bodyrock. Did this one today - twice! Sweat fest. But I gotta workout off those holidays lbs that some how attached themselves to my middle.

I'm loving that the Taylor Swift concert is coming up!

Loving this song. It's for you babe.

I'm loving my family, friends, hubby & Cruz and all you readers.

And just cause - I'm NOT loving that when I went to have my nails done I decided to "switch it up" and instead of doing my regular french manicure I chose a neutral polish. I love the look of a nude polish BUT I am my mother's daughter and 5 minutes 3 hours after having them done - I have already ruined 4. Pout. Apparently they are not going to last until our wedding Saturday. Fail. (Crystal: OPI Salmoan Island)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Holly said...

I love Taylor Swift, too! I'm dragging the hubby to see her in St. Louis in 3 weeks!! :)

Logan said...

That sign ROCKS!!:)
When do we skype???????

Kae* said...

Love the sign! Its awesome! Aww for lily cuddling with cruz!

Leigh said...

Love that sign! Makes me want a cottage on a lake so I can have my own :)

Mom said...

Great sign! Now... where shall we put it?!

Jessica said...

Aw, I love that sign!

Gabriella said...

I love that Lake cute! :)

Justin said...

Thanks babe!
Great song!!!


Amanda said...

Your nails still look pretty good to me :) And I need to listen to that T Swift song when I get out of this meeting!

Sarah said...

That sign is ADORABLE! I love that you're going to the TSwift concert too! Sounds like so much fun! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE that like sign too...I need to find me one for the new home! :)