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{1} I'm loving that I received a very excited phone call yesterday from my girlfriend Julia.
As soon as I saw her name come up on caller ID I KNEW she had good news.
Her and her beau Dave are now engaged! Yay.
He proposed at the top of the Cinque Terra Trail in Italy. Good work Dave - you done good (as Gran would say)!

{2} Jolie gets here TOMORROW! :) And she is Calgary bound all month! Yay.

{3} We leave for vacation on Saturday morning. I am so very excited!
More on that later this week.
But we will be doing lots of this:

And Justin promised me lots of this:
 (since we didn't go for ice cream last weekend at the lake)
But we will really be missing this:
(Thanks Mom & Dad for having her!)

{4} Look at his little guy who lives in our garden. So cute.
Thanks family. He was our 2nd Anniversary addition to our garden.
Last year it was a pretty butterfly steak.

{5} We had Crystal, Troy, Emerson & Debbie over for dinner last night as we will be missing Crystal's birthday while we are away.
Emerson has started crawling and it is too darn cute.
And oh my goodness does she ever love her cousin Cruz. Emerson is so good with petting her and Cruz is so good at just laying there.

Excited face.

She wasn't too sure about Uncle Justin's new handle bar moustache...but then was getting cheeky with him.
Eyeing Uncle Justin.

Being goofy with Uncle.

Then her chubby legs got stuck in the bumbo.
Oh Emerson. You are too funny. We laughed SO hard.
Poor girl!

{6} This this made me laugh.

{7} Lastly I am LOVING this weather. Finally.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Natalie said...

omg that mr. potatohead comic is HILARIOUS! :)

Logan said...

Emerson, you better get your Aunt to give you a big hug for us!! love the Bumbo pictures!!

Holly said...

Have fun on vacation! Your picture has me hungry for an ice cream cone now! :)

Courtney said...

That potato head clip cracks me up! Congrats to your girlfriend, how exciting and a great way to get proposed to!

Joeylee said...

have fun on vacation! Congrats to your friend, how exciting

Kae* said...

Sounds like a lot of great things! Great pictures with cruz and emerson! I am jealous of the wine and ice cream! Congrats to your friend, sounds like an amazing proposal! Happy Wednesday Love!

Greer's Gossip said...

Have a great vacation and be sure to eat lots of ice cream!

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous of your friend getting proposed to in ITALY! not fair!
and I stumbled across your site through WILW on Jamie's site, and I love your layout with all the pictures! very cute! :)

Gabriella said...

Great things you are loving! Have fun on your vacation. Cruz is adorable as always! :)

Julie said...

hahah funny pictures of Mr. Potato Head and the sweet little baby! And I've done the Cinque Terre hike- that is such an amazing place to get engaged! Lucky girl! :)

Leigh said...

So exciting for your friend on getting engaged! And that your future sister in law {haha} is coming into town. Do you guys have any plans?

krink said...

Congrats Julia!!!
Can't wait to see Jolie on Saturday for my birthday! Whoot whoot!!! Though we will miss you two dearly! *sigh* But we will just have to make up for it at the lake the next weekend.
Thanks again for having us for dinner. LOVE the pic of Emerson and Justin being goofy with their heads sideways! And as always love the ones of her with Cruzie! She just loves her some Cruz!
Have fun and be safe in BC! Oh and have an ice cream cone for me :D