{Friday Love}


Ok...it's finally Friday! yippeee!
I am eager to hit the road for Regatta weekend.
This morning we went for a walk with Rachel, Rudy & Henry in Chestermere so the pups could swim.
The dogs were crazy excited! 2 girls, 2 {wild} dogs, 2 starbucks, 1 baby and a lake = a good morning!

 I had my fair share of baby cuddles this week! Easton & Henry, lucky me.
Here is Easton & I. Heart him.

 Well I'm off to do this:(pardon the awful photo it freezes on!)

And then off to the lake with my love

and my girlie.

So have yourselves a fantabulous weekend! {Yes that is a word - fantastic + fabulous = fantabulous. :) You learn something new everyday - you.are.welcome.}

You may hear from me next week, you may not.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like you and Rachel plus the dogs had fun! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Rachel and John said...

I had a fantastic time but Rudy smells SO bad. Time for a bath!

Whitney said...

your pooch is precious :) finally made me way over to you blog and i am loving what i see! i am your latest follower and couldnt be more excited about it.

Date Girl said...

hahahah, that is a really awkward shot that the workout video freezes on. Hehehe.

The lake with the girls, dogs and little one sounds so fun. You look like a natural with that baby. Just saying. ;-)

Savannah said...

Baby love is the best! so cute!

Kae* said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I just finally blogged today about my Florida vacation can't wait to hear all about yours love!