The perfect lake weekend!

 Before heading out to the lake we went for a visit with Dustin and Whitney and met Easton.
He is so incredibly adorable.
It was so great to finally meet him.
Aunty Alison & Easton. 
 Yawny little man!

They are both pretty excited! 

He is so beautiful. Whit took this.

We had a fantastic weekend at the lake with both our families. It is always nice to get us all together. Plus it was Emerson's first trip to the lake so it was super special and great to spend a whole weekend with her.
And it was so good to be back with Cruzie again. We sure missed her.

Emerson looked TOO cute in her swim suit!
 She did NOT love the life jacket!
 But it didn't stop her from napping!
 Girls lounging.
 Swimming with Papa!
 Loves to do this with her tongue! Goof ball.
 Love this girl. 
{How about my crazy lake hair. That's what you get for "gracefully" getting out of the kayak! Graceful is my middle name..}
 Some ladder ball.

 Mom & Cruzie.
 Crystal & Troy wake surfing.

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Holly said...

I love Easton's name! And great lake pictures!! :)

Leigh said...

Easton is adorable! Same with Emerson in her swimsuit! I love her face in the first life jacket's like "really Mom?"

Gabriella said...

Easton and Emerson are sooooo cute! The lake looks so wonderful!

Seriously?! said...

Oh my god! Emerson is so adorable with those cheeks!!! My has she ever grown!!!

Congrats on more loveable babies to love! Must be so fun for Aunty Alison!!!!

krink said...

Great pictures Auntie Alison! And yes... your stylish lake hair in the back to back picture of you and Emerson is AWESOME! I have to get a copy of that one of Cruz, Justin and mom. What a great shot! Thanks for an amazing weekend. We had a blast!!!

Kae* said...

Oh Easton is precious!

Emerson looks so funny when she is mad about the lifejacket! She looks so like "get this off right now"

The pictures are great I am so glad you had a great weekend! I just posted pics too from my weekend away! Glad you are back love! :)

ps cruz and you look so happy! yay for seeing here again!

Just the Two of US said...

looks like you all had tons of fun! The babies are soo cute!!!

Ashley said...

Looks like you had a great weekend too!!!

Amanda said...

What an awesome weekend! Looks like you all had so much fun, and Emerson is adorable :)

Nicole said...

Awesome pictures!!! Looks like you all had fun!!!

Logan said...

Whitney - can I trade, missing my little man looking at the pictures of Easton! Love the name!

Emerson, I want to squeeze your cheeks! What your mom feed you?!! Love your arms!

Great pics AJ!

Murdock's mama said...

Okay all of these photos are adorable...looks like a spectacular weekend but I have to know where that hat came from...I LOVE IT! So cute!! :)