Beautiful British Columbia!

Finally - a holiday post! What a slacker I am.

Overall we had a fantastic trip to Kelowna & Vernon.
 If you haven't been to Kelowna - GO.
If Justin & I could scoop up all of our friends and family we would move there without even blinking.
It is beautiful. Period.
Ok on with the photos because that is the best way to document a trip.

Theme song: Dirt Road Anthem - I said we had to listen to it 10x a day. Didn't happen.
Song that Blake & Justin tried to bump the theme song out with: Up on the Ridge. Didn't happen.

First stop - Ice Cream!
(please note Justin's moustache that joined us on part of the trip)

As we drove into Kelowna we stopped at 3 wineries.
Grey Monk Winery - 2nd favorite!

Ex Nihilio Winery- favorite still!
Typical Blake! :)
{in my comfy driving clothes and no make up!}

Arrowleaf Winery - oups no photos. Sorry Arrowleaf you lose.

Cedar Creek Winery

Where's Waldo Blake?

Summerhill Winery

 Then we checked into our Bed & Breakfast. The host was an 84 year old lady.
She was adorable, had a ton of stories and was very particular.
She had an incredible garden. And she had a breakfast menu where you could choose what you wanted for breakfast. Most B&B's just serve all the guests the same thing so this was a special treat.
She also sent me the recipes for my favorite dishes! So I thought I would share.
Kiwi Pancakes
Eggs Tortilla

 Washer joined us!
 Each morning we were in a different country. She would set the table with a table cloth and trinkets from a country she has been to. Below was Africa. Did I mention she had a TON of stories? Well she did. :)

Dinner on the harbour.

Wine Tour Day

Mission Hill Winery - We did a full tour of this winery.
Stunning architecture and beautiful scenery. We aren't a fan of their wine though.
 In the cellar.
All I needed was a straw.
Quails Gate Winery

Little Straw Winery - We also had lunch here.
Family run.

Then onto Beaumont - also family run. This guy was CRAZY - but hilarious! He sang to us and had us killing ourselves laughing. Too bad Justin and I didn't like their wine. BUT Blake and Karen actually found a Pinot they liked! Finally! :)

Last but not least Rollingdale. It was really cool and the man doing the tasting was the wine maker himself. It was really great wine but on the pricey side. 
Side note: We bought the "monthly special" wine because it waws bright pink and it was only $5.00....well on tuesday morning when we went down stairs it had blown up all over the kitchen (it was laying in the wine rack!) The cork was on the other side of our kitchen! Yikes. Well good thing the expensive one we bought!

Dinner time fun.
Night time goofies!
 Then Monday we went to Sarah & Ryan's who just recently bought this beautiful summer home.
 Again with typical Blake. Gotta love him!
 We had FUN!!! Pool, hot tub, sunshine, cocktails, friends. Perfection.

Oh look - NO moustache! Justin was very angry with us that it took us all day to notice he had shaved. And we didn't even notice - he told us! EK - Fail.

 Out for dinner. Sangria pitchers yes please!
More night time fun!

 Tuesday we headed into Vernon. The guys went golfing for Blake's 30th birthday!!

We went to Justin's cousin's Kirk & Erika's for a delicious dinner and some fun zipline time!
Had a great visit with the 3 kids too - even when the power went out.
Kirk whipped out the camping latern and the guys played ping-pong!

Wednesday the guys went riding. 
Us girls read, I went for a run and then we went in the hot tub with some wine.

Helmet hair!!
Hot tub time after dinner!
Awesome hotel flip flops!

A great holiday with my love! And Blake and Karen!
And wine was the theme! :)

Oh and don't worry Whit - we stopped for Ice Cream on the way home too!! And there were go-carts there! :)

Oh Em Geepers that was long. 
High five if you are still reading! I think I already lost Justin and he was on the trip! ha
Alright Happy Thursday!

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Leigh said...

Looks like a beyond fabulous holiday! Makes me excited for our roadtrip to BC in a week!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great holiday!! Love all the pics!

Kae* said...

That looks like such an amazing trip! Makes me want to pick Scott and Dallas up and move to Canada! haha!
I have never been to a winery and I want to go so bad. I love wine!
Also Justin should hang out with Scott he shaved his face like that 3 years ago, I will post a picture for you! Love all the pictures!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

We also made it to the Dutchmen Dairy last week on our way home to Red Deer from our BC trip! So amazing! I make any excuse to go that way! :) So yummy!