Thankful Friday


Today I am feeling very thankful so I thought I would make a list...

As always I am thankful for my incredible family & friends. They get me through life like nothing else could. I'm looking forward to our annual Smuggler's dinner on Monday night and even more so as Jeff will be joining us.

This little girl also does wonders to my mood, no matter what it might be and I am so thankful for that power she has over me!

 This girl wants to crawl!
 Or maybe just do yoga! She can do a mean downward dog! :)

I'm thankful for my Starbucks Dad. I needed it today. And how sweet is it that he brings us starbucks every Friday.

I'm thankful for airplanes. Because one will bring Justin home safely tonight. And then they are coming in very handy to take Jeff to BC to go fishing with Grampa this weekend, to bring Gran here to visit on Wednesday as well as Jolie in a couple weeks. Thank you airplanes.

I'm thankful for my friendship with Whitney. I don't think I have ever had a friend that I can confide in as much as I do with Whit. She must have this magical bag that she can pull the perfect thing to say, because she always does and for that I am forever thankful.
That little man is ridiculously lucky to have her as a Mom.

I am thankful for cancer treatment. Because Nana will now enjoy an incredible summer at the lake.
Thank you Chemotherapy and Radiation.

I'm thankful for this sweet girl. My life would not be the same without her.
This is one of my fav photos of us. Of course it was taken by Whit.
My little cuddle muffin. (Cruz, not Whit, haha)

I'm thankful for Jeff introducing me to this song. I may be obsessed with it. My grooveshark just jumped through the computer screen, slapped me and said "Enough of that song lady!!". I just love it, what can I say.

I'm thankful for saying like this.

Happy Friday everyone!!
Be thankful and enjoy!

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Leigh said...

All great things to be thankful for on a Friday! I am thankful the sun is still out and hopefully stays out for the weekend! Emerson is growing like a weed!

MrsV said...

LOVE the song! I play it every day! You are thankful for so many great things, especially the airplanes & cancer treatment. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Kae* said...

Oh great things to be thankful for! Especially the cancer treatment! I hope you have a wonderful weekend love! :)

Rachel and John said...

What wonderful things you have in your life! I think I saw Whit at the grocery store today!

Logan said...

Emerson, have Auntie take the jeans off!! it is easier to crawl without jeans.......they slow you down!! ;) Have a good weekend!!!

Pearl Westwood said...

What a lovely idea for a post, makes me think of all the things I am thankful for too. I have to say those are the rosiest cheeks ever!! I have been enjoying your blog and am following, hope you will too, Pearl x

Whit said...

Awe Alison - you know I'm a sap. Love ya right back. xox

Logan said...

That song it great!! Thanks

krink said...

Thanks for the tips Logan! And great pictures Auntie Alison! Emerson is the lucky one here though! What great family she has!!! An amazing Auntie... an awesome Uncle, and the best cousin in the world! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Jessica said...

I love that picture of you and Cruz!