Monday, monday...


Well overall we had a spectacular weekend.
Justin and Cruz had a great time mountain biking on Friday (totally forgot to upload these photos so I will have the share them another day because they are hilarious. Involves Cruz & mud. Shocking - I know!)
Friday also included grocery shopping, a sunny walk to get a slurpee, making Blue Velvet cupcakes, watching the hockey game, 350 swings and lounging on the couch.

Saturday Mom and I decorated the cupcakes. Just gotta say we are pretty close to being the Cake Boss. Ha. Justin spent most of the day working. Then we went to my year end (rained out) BBQ. And Cruzie had a sleepover with Gramma. Lucky pup.

Sunday we had Whitney & Baby Cowan's baby shower. It was fantastic. The weather SO cooperated so we were able to be in her beautiful backyard the whole time. My Mom was a huge help and Karen, Brie and I had fun making it perfect!
Pictures to follow as Whit was the photographer (naturally) and I did not snap 1 shot.

Unfortunately our drive home was not so successful. We were rear-ended pretty badly just a few minutes after leaving the shower. :( THANK goodness we were in Karen & Blake's Dodge Ram truck not my Mazda 3 or Karen's Acura otherwise my Mom would NOT be in good shape that is for sure (she was in the back seat). We were on McLeod Trail and traffic came to a stop (pretty quickly) and the guy behind us did not stop at all. He hit us so hard my sun glasses ended up on the ground in front of me and my headband in the back seat! Ouch. Luckily everyone is ok so that's all that matters but I still feel so bad about their truck. It is practically brand new. Pout. But luckily Blake was just happy us ladies were ok. Karen was a superstar though and did a great job jumping in to nurse mode for the couple who hit us and keeping us safe.

Funny story: We gave the police officer (who was practically Johnny Reid with the thickest Scottish accent) who was dealing with the report - 4 left over cupcakes from the shower. :) He was pretty happy. He said he was going to share them with his make believe partner.

While we were at the shower Justin, Blake and my brother worked super hard on the back yard. We just need one more load of gravel and it will be done. The back yard was mangled while building the garage (thanks ATCO) but now I am excited to turn it into a little zen rock garden.

Thank you SO much for all your hard work guys AND for changing my tires.
And Jeff cleaned my car for me! What a guy! Love you.

Then last night we were to Blake & Karen for a BBQ. It was beautiful out on their back deck. We also made Mojitos as I had fresh mint from the punch I made for the shower! Delicious, mojitos are easily my fav drink.

On a sad note I did not do my swings yesterday which means I have to do 700 today to make up for it. Darnit. First day in 11 day I missed them. Shoot.
3,850 down. 6,150 to go.

Anyways - that's it for now. Sorry for the lack of 'real' pictures. More to come - pinky promise!

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Al said...

I am so sorry about your accident!! But VERY glad you are ok...Sounds like other than that, your weekend was fabulous. Happy Monday, love!

Kae* said...

I am so glad you and everyone was ok! Accidents are so scary!

I am glad your weekend minus the accident went well! :) Happy Monday sweetie pea!

Jaclyn said...

That butterfly photo you found is so pretty!

Logan said...

Wow! Glad everyone is OK!!

Jeff, if you would like to come clean my vehicles!! See you soon:) hahaa lol, Good job for spoiling your sister!! My brothers have been pretty good to me too lately!!

Oh, I didn't get a cupcake yet? or Avah's package? :) and we didn't skype last!! Let me know if a night this week works for you!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I LOVE the first photo of the butterflies!!! So pretty!

Your weekend sounds like a blast, minus the car accident!! That sounds like quite the impact if your sunglasses and headband flew off. Hope everyone is okay... Did you get checked out by a Dr or anything?

Leigh said...

So glad that everyone was okay even if the car wasn't! And that the shower went well :)

Jessica said...

Haha, I love that you gave the cop cupcakes. I offered one who pulled me over a Christmas cookie last year!

krink said...

Glad everyone is okay!
Can't wait for pictures!!!
Love ya!

Bride-onicles said...

Wow you had a busy but fun weekend..stinker about the rear-end but soo glad to hear everyone is okay! Too funny you gave the police man the cupcakes.he was probably in heaven!!

Alex said...

sorry about your accident! I am always afraid someone is going to rear end me!

Blue Velvet?! Never heard of those! I am intrigued!