Happy Wednesday!

Guess what I love most today?

{Before I say this, remember I LOVE my job and all our 39 students BUT}

TODAY is the last kid day!!!
Can I get a hip hip horray! Yes I can - even if I shout it all alone!
That means it's SUMMER time almost! I'm working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday next week but I have Monday off and hopefully Friday and then DONE

(Kenny Chesney)

I'm loving that GRAN gets into today and we are going out for a family dinner with her tonight!

And then we are off to the lake tomorrow for 3 days - maybe 4. YES!!!
Please let there be sun!

Plus I have a table at the market again! So I am excited about that.

Cruzie is loving my Mom's retirement! Cruz has spent everyday this week with Gramma! Spoiled girl. She even had a sleepover. Thanks Mom!!!

(baby Cruz!)

I'm loving that I have been marrried to this guy for 2 years.

I'm loving that the 10,000 Swing Challenge ends tomorrow.
My hand are loving it more than anything else!

I'm loving all you readers - family, friends and blog friends.
Thank you for your sweet comments and constantly making me smile.
Happy Wednesday!!!

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Natalie said...

Baby Cruz is adorable!!!
And yay for summer! I bet that feels great : )

Gabriella said...

Baby Cruz is ADORABLE! Have fun at the Lake!

Kae* said...

Aww look at Cruz! Thats adorable! Yay I am glad you are getting a summer! Celebrate for me! :)

Dad said...

Your blogs always make me smile honey! We'll put Kenny Chesney on and charge up the Margarita maker at the lake and celebrate summertime!

Logan said...

Im Hip Hip Horraying too! My best part, dont have to fight with a 6 year old to get up, and pack her a lunch!!

Yeah for summer!!

Jessica said...

I think all school workers are glad it's the last day for kids!!! Ours was in May and I was ecstatic! :D

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my word. The baby Cruz picture is adorable!

Rachel and John said...

You and Justin are adorable! Have fun at the cottage :)

MrsV said...

First off, you just made my day when I read Kenny Chesney lyrics on your post!! Biggest Kenny fan right here!! Have a great weekend, the lake sounds amazing!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Julie said... Cruz is the cutest little thing!!!