(1) Jillian's Ripped in 30. Love.

I needed a new workout and I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I have all of her other dvds so I was worried she would just re-use her moves but they are all new and switched up. And some are SO cool, who would think I would say that about a workout move! But they are. On Monday I did Week 2 (yes I skipped Week 1) and yesterday I did Week 3. Gotta switch it up remember! (It is "supposed" to be a 4 Week program - hence the Ripped in 30)
She uses her regular 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minutes abs combos and they were all great. I would recommend this.

(2) My Gran will be here NEXT week! :)

(3) This video cracks me up. It's one of our Gorilla's Zola at the Calgary Zoo. Bustin' a move! Gotta put the volume on. Watch it, it's only 40 seconds!

(4) This photo of Whitney made my morning. She is SO beautiful.

(5) I love this girl. Enough said.

 Harley: "I know I am not allowed upstairs anymore. I am just sitting on the stairs ok!?"

Happy Wednesday!
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Kay said...

I wish I liked workout videos because everyone seems to love Jillian-- but that is a GREAT quote from her!

Kristen said...

Haha, love the last photo! Our dog does that sometimes too, it cracks me up!

I love Jillian's videos. She really works you into shape!

Happy Wednesday! :)

Al said...

Woman, your workout motivation makes me look like such a pathetic slob :) Send some of that energy on over, will you? I loved the Shred when I did that a year ago, but my aching back and bad neck keeps me from working out like I used to. Now I just walk the pups, which isn't so bad either :) Happy Wednesday sweetie!!

David and Elizabeth said...

cruz is just precious!

Just the Two of US said...

great things your loving! Cruz is the cutest ever!

Joeylee said...

Jillian is awesome! Your dog is adorable!

Natalie said...

i LOVE jillian!! i will have to check out that video in a few months-never heard of it before!
that last puppy picture on the stairs is so cute.

Logan said...

Dal is memorized by the dancing Gorilla!!

Avah says: Gorilla's can't do that!? She had to watch it a couple of times!!

We are off to the park for Avah's strongstart party!! may get sun burnt.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Might have to check out her new video! I do like the 30 minute workouts!!

Beautiful picture of Whitney!! And I can't stop laughing at that picture of Harley!! Animals so know when they are doing something they aren't supposed to!!

Leigh said...

I might just have to pick up that video as this weekend away was not kind to my waist! Love the picture of Whitney, she is beautiful!

Kae* said...

Oh you are loving some great things. I working out! so great!