Can you guys believe it's June already! Holy moly. I am SO ok with it though because that means summer holidays are almost here! 30 days. I think I can, I think I can...

with Jamie

~ That today is National Running Day!
So Cruzie and I are heading out for a run as soon as I get home from

~ Then Emerson is coming over to spend the evening with us.
Cruz and I are so excited to have some play time tonight!

{Justin is away on business all week - we are not loving this. Last night we skyped with him and he was talking to Cruzie and she was going nuts running around the house looking for him. Poor girl, she checked the front door, back door, front window, ran up stairs. :( Poor thing did not understand.}

~ This photo. I want to go here.

~ These kids and their Mom.
Miss you guys but LOVE our Skype dates.
I love that I can actually hear your sweet voices, see those cheeky smiles and that you show us all your 'moves'! xo
{On our last date, I was doing all the talking and finally Mayela piped up, "Um Auntie Alison we actually want to see Uncle Justin now". Love that.}

Yes my cousin kicks butt at making cakes!

 ~ Love this. So very very true.

~ That the 10,000 Swing Kettlebell Challenge starts today!
Get your swing on!

Happy Wednesday!

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Jessica said...

I can't believe it's already JUNE! AGH!

Logan said...

I love that you put that quote, I am going to attempt to run tonight! I have no idea for how long or where, but I will go by myself and run! and maybe walk! Miss you too!! Skype again soon!

Rachel and John said...

I still haven't gotten a kettlebell.... Hopefully today!!

Leigh said...

When Brian went away we face timed each other and Harley did not understand it at all! So I can totally see what Cruz was doing!

I am coming up your way tonight...but it's a crappy reason. To go to the dentist :(

Caroline said...

I got my run in for the day. Knox did not. Guess we'll have to do that tonight.

Julie said...

That's so cute about Cruz because it's obvious that she loooves J! So sweet!!

Kae* said...

I know I can't believe its June already either...that means my bday soon :/ I have mixed feelings about this! I love that picture..I would love to go there too!

krink said...

Excited that it's national running day. Day four of training today... 2.5 miles of Easy Running in :D

MrsV said...

You find the most amazing pics for your posts! The first one... LOVE it! Kaydee's middle name is June! Sorry the hubs is gone all week, I would not like that either, boo!

Happy Wednesday!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

GBR1980 said...

Hi, I'm a new follower and sooo glad I found your blog. You and the Mr. are such a very cute couple and your photos are all so beautiful!! Would love for you to stop by my blog and offer some advice on my wedding planning as well. I'm loving catching up on your blog!!

Momma StJ said...

You are such a wonderfully loving lady :) I'm so excited I can FINALLY comment again!!