Jungle Jayne has left the building...


Jungle Jayne = My Mom.

My Mom is amazing.
I think I have said this before but she really is.

I may be biased but ask the thousands of kids that have participated in her programs.
I guarantee you they will agree with me. They all LOVE Jungle Jayne
For the last 15 years my Mom has run her own business called Gym Kids.
Today is her last day. By this time right now - she is done.
Jungle Jayne is hanging up her bag of silly songs and theme weeks and retiring.

Gym Kids is a program that goes into daycares and my Mom ran fitness/gym classes for kids age 2-5. She has taught hundreds of kids to 'use their muscles' and to stay active.

She always made sure to keep her prices low so all families can participate and when she found a family that couldn't participate due to cost - she let those kids come join in the fun for free.
There have been many times when we have been out at the mall or some where in plublic when all of a sudden you hear "Jungle Jayne!!! Jungle Jayne!!!" being screamed out by some little cutie.
See - they love Jungle Jayne.
I know my Mom with miss all her little kiddos and we will miss all her funny stories.
I am sad for those kids who will return to daycare in September and it will be not be Jungle Jayne running Gym Kids. And I am sad for those kids who will just start daycare and will not have the opportunity to experience Gym Kids with Jungle Jayne.

My Mom sold her business so I am glad the program will continue for the kids but I just know it will not be nearly the same.
My Mom has the biggest heart, she {nearly} never missed a day, always has over the top incredible energy, ideas and life.

I know Mom will love retirement, even though retirement won't mean slowing down. She plans on volunteering, hiking and traveling {once Dad retires too}.
WE are all so proud of you Mom and wish you a very happy {and well deserved retirement}.
You are SO loved.

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Rachel and John said...

Jungle Jayne! How fun! I'm sad Henry won't get to experience it, it sounds like SO much fun! Happy retirement!!

Momma StJ said...

What an inspiration!

MrsV said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! I loved it! Your mom sounds amazing & I have pretty high standards ( I love my mama too! )! What an amazing legacy to pass on! Also, I was terrified to read about the car accident! Just read that one too, glad everyone is safe now!

Happy Tuesday =)

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Caroline said...

I want your mom's arms. Congratulations to her on her retirement!

Jungle Jayne!! said...

Thank you SO much for those kind words, AJ. Yes...I am officially DONE!! It won't hit me until September but I did stop for a minute after the last child left the room, reflected and took a big sigh.

On to new adventures now.

Back at you with LOVE.


Kae* said...

Sounds like an AMAZING woman! I am so proud to hear of people who inspire physical fitness, especially because I majored and have a degree in physical education! I wish her all the best! and I am happy you have such an amazing mommy! much love!

Logan and kiddies said...

Whoop Whoop for Jungle Jayne!!! Enjoy the next chapter in your life!!!

Leigh said...

Congratulations to your mom on her retirement! I am sure she will find lots of things to do!

Ps- totally want her arms!

Bride-onicles said...

Sounds like she is a wonderful person and will truly be missed by all the kids! I hope she will enjoy some nice time to herself these next couple weeks!

krink said...

Aw... Jungle Jayne will be dearly missed by all those little Panda Daycare kids! I know the teachers at SAIT will hear all about it!

Whit said...

That was one of the best posts!! Jayne you rock!! regardless of knowing you as Jungle Jayne or just knowing Jayne.. she's definitely a keeper ;) Congrats on the retirement - somehow I doubt there will be much sitting around ;) xox

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Congrats to your mom on her retirement! What a wonderful idea! Nice to see something that gets kids to be active rather than sitting in front of the TV/computer/video games all day long.