Happy Friday!


Today I am excited that:

~ I get to see Whitney and her basketball belly!
Her (and baby) have been working like crazy on items for AW Design and I am at the market again tomorrow. So I am excited to see all of her hard work.
~ Justin comes home tonight! Cruz and I have missed him like crazy.

~ We are heading out to the lake for the weekend after I pick him up!
Cruz the lucky little miss that she is went out yesterday with my Mom & Dad.

~ It's a beautiful sun shiny day! And it best stay that way all weekend!

Good stuff right!

Well, happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Always.

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Molly said...

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend girl!

Leigh said...

Hope you have a great weekend Alison!

GBR1980 said...

Have a wonderful weekend..Yay I love to see pics of your pup..she is so cute!!

Raven said...

the lake, yes! looking at that pic just made me excited. our weather here has been sucking big time. Hope your weekend is pretty awesome!

Megan said...

Have a great weekend at the lake!! And I'm glad that your hubby will be home!

Alex said...

I hope you had a fantastic weekend at the lake!