Friday Odds & Ends...

Today I am jealous again as I left Justin sleeping in bed and snuck out of the house without Cruz stirring.
Justin is supposed to have next Friday off but he will be in Virginia for business so he gets today off.
I guess I can't complain - we are having a board game day for life skills (and I may have brought popcorn!).

Happy Birthday Grampa!!! 83 years young.
And I say young because I am pretty sure he is fitter than most people I know.
He still is a huge runner, always has a project going and has a beautiful house that he has done so much work on.
We love you and hope you have a great day!

Yes this photo is of him sharing his cereal with his birds! :)

Crystal, Troy and Emerson are going to the Comic Book convention with Troy's family tomorrow so I whipped this up last night for Emerson to wear.
It's not hard for her to look cute, but I know she will! :)

Love this:

I hope this rain decides to beat it because I would like to spend the day tomorrow gardening {in the sun}. I only garden when the sun is out. It's a rule.
Not likely going to happen.
I hope some of you enjoy the sun somewhere for me!

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Momma StJ said...

Lovin the Onesie!! my daughter had a very interesting poop experience this morning that involved her momma more than her diaper. Hope you have a lovely weekend lady!

Logan said...

Happy Birthday to your Granpa.

Emerson, you are one styling girl!! Love the onesis!!

Leigh said...

Love the onesie you made for Emerson, it's super cute!

See you tonight :)

Mizdragonfly said...

The Super Pooper is so cute!


krink said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
And thanks again so much for the costume for the Comic Con! I will take a picture for sure!!!

MrsV said...

No wonder you're one of my fav blog friends! I think are very similar with similar families, I love it! Happy Birthday Grampa, from good ole' Kansas! You got me hungry for popcorn girl, I popped some up & am enjoying it while watching the little ones swim =)

Have a great weekend!!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Kristin said...

look at you being all creative!

Whit said...

Happy BDay to your Grandpa!! So inspirational!

Kae* said...

Yay! Happy to your Grandpa! Its a good day for bdays hahaha (its mine too) Love the magnet! Happy Friday!

Bride-onicles said...

That onsie is sooo amazingly cute!! And I hate the mornings when Groomzilla gets to sleep in with the pup..makes me want to call in sick and crawl back in bed with my boys!