The day the sun came out!

Guess what I am up to today?
Going hiking!

They needed an extra driver so I cleared my schedule and squealed "pick me, pick me".
They did. :) 
So I am off to the mountains with 10 very excited students! 

And the sun is joining us! 
Last night Lily had a sleep over.
Justin is out of town and Harley went home so it was just us girls!
It was a beautiful, hot, make me happy, sun shiny day.
So we - walked Cruz, played at 3 parks, made water balloons, did Jillian Micheals Week 1 (sorta boring), she laughed at me doing my swings, had a pizza picnic and had a overall great night. The camera captured a few memories.

 Picnic time!
 Mmm I like pizza Lily...
 See I so cute!
Ok I lie down Mom.
 Mmm Gluten Free Pizza
 Kisses for Cruz
 How did this girl grow up on me so quickly?
 Hugs for Cruz.

On our walk today Lily said "Wow Alison your ankles look very pretty in those sandals!"
I killed myself laughing. Always wanted pretty ankles!
What a girl.

Anyways I am off to sun screen and bug spray up and hit the road jack.
Talk to you on FRIDAY!

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Logan said...

Enjoy the mountains!!
Lily you are too funny, and growing up, wow!!

krink said...

Hope the rain stayed away for you guys during your hike. Where did you end up going?
The sun was amazing earlier today, I went for a picnic/playdate with friends and it was HOT! 27 degrees out!

Bride-onicles said...

I love that Cruz was included in the picnic!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Eeeee your hike sounds like fun! Hope it was a blast! Fun picnic and I laughed pretty hard at the pretty ankles comment! I must find a pair of those sandals! Hahaha

Kae* said...

I am so jealous you are getting to go hiking! Sounds like so much fun! Love the pics of you, Lily and Cruz! Yay for girl time!