:::Celebrating baby Cowan:::


Here are the incredible photos the Mom-to-be took of her shower.
It was such a great day. Hosted by myself, Karen & Brie.
And as I have said before I just love planning and executing special days like this. 
Especially for people as incredible as Whitney and her little man.

The Decorations, Food & Drinks

Baby Cowan's Tree of Love
(all the guests put a finger print on the tree along with their name. Acted as a guest book and perfect for his scrapbook. It turned out so cute).
 Words of Wisdom
 Chocolate mints
 Diaper cake by Brie
 Fruit Kabobs & Soothers with lifesavers & jelly beans
 Blue Velvet Cupcakes
 Raspberry Mint Lemonade (in my new dispenser!)
 Water Bottles
The Guests

Me, my Mom, Whit, Whit's MIL & SIL
 Mom & Darcy playing the boys name scramble
 Karen & I
 More games!
 The hostesses!
 Me, Whit, Brie & Karen
 The beautiful guest of honor
Group shot minus Whit
 Group shot minus my Mom
There you have it!
Alright who is next to have a baby or get married so I can plan a shower! :)

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Leigh said...

Looks like the shower turned out beautifully! I like the tree idea :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Wow!! Great job planning!! I love the little owls and the tree idea is awesome!!

I love all the little details!! Your dress is super cute too!

Logan said...

Well done ladies!!! Need the recipie for the cupcakes.........they sound so yummy!!

I know of 5 ladies all waiting on their babies, all due the same week!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

So cute you guys did a great job!

MrsV said...

I am totally stealing the tree idea for a shower next month! I LOVE love it!! You host amazing showers girl, it's one of my fav things to do too =) I"m always looking for an excuse to plan something! Love your dress too!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Whit said...

This really was the worlds most incredible shower!! Your attention to detail is like no one else!! I'm SO lucky to have someone SO thoughtful in my life. XOX

Kae* said...

Oh my gosh! This turned out great! Great job!

and seriously if I ever get married or have a baby....come to wyoming! hahaha! you do so well! Happy Thursday Love :)

Caroline said...

Beautiful. I especially love the tree idea! Too cute!

Rachel and John said...

Another job well done Alison! It looks so lovely!!! I can't wait for baby Cowan to come!!!!

Ashley Paige said...

omgosh, i just love ALL of those details! how amazing!! and that momma-to-be looks fabulous!!

Bride-onicles said...

Looks like it was an amazing day!! So much love in the room (outside) :) The baby is so lucky to being born into such love!

Jenny Hill said...

What a great shower - it was nice that Calgary's weather cooperated for you too.

Who's next? You????

Natalie said...

You rock! Want to come throw my shower for me?! ;)