Addison Logan Collar Giveaway!

 Hey blog readers! Cruz here again. Lucky you!
Remember last time I posted I told you about my new collar? This one...

Well I am loving it and today I am so excited for you to win one for your dog or cat! :)
Jeanna is the amazing designer and creator of these collars over at Addison Logan
She has 3 children and 3 Great Danes.

And she was sweet enough to send this one to me to giveaway:

(except it has brown polka dots, not green - So fun!)
But don't worry - if you are a male dog or a smaller dog I am going to raid my Dad's wallet and choose one from Addison Logan and buy one just for you!
Ok so Mom says there has to be rules to this giveaway...I'm not a fan of rules.
Don't wander at the lake. Don't eat Mom's shoes. Don't ruin the area rugs. Blah blah blah.
Anyways your rule is easier to follow:
Mandatory: Be a loyal follower of The Life & Times of Alison & Justin Cruz AND check out Addison Logan and come back and tell me which one your pet would like best. 
Your pet will thank you.

I will choose a winner on Wednesday!
Here are a few of my favorites:

Ok and I have to tell you... Addison Logan has been on ETSY for 12 months so her collars are on sale for $12 dollars!!! SALE ENDING on June 12, 2011. 
Then Addison Logan is going to be CLOSING for the Summer. 
So get your orders in now while the price is very low.

Addison Logan on Etsy

Happy Monday!

PS. My Mom didn't take 1 picture of me or anything all week. Fail.

Love Cruz.

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David and Elizabeth said...

eeekk!!!!!!!! I follow...and since Peyton is a boy, I looooove the blue,brown,and orange argyle collar! :) Great Giveaway!!

Caroline said...

Knox thanks you Cruz! He wants the Hot Dog collar. It's his people! :)

MrsV said...

A girl can never have enough collars? Ruff! I like The Whootie & The Carnival! Thanks Cruz!

Harlo @ The Yellow Brick Road =)

Laura said...

I love all of them! The damask prints, the florals, the 'Tessa Dog' print, the 'Sexy B' collar, and of course the paisley prints since my dog's name is Paisley! Thanks, Cruz! :)

Jessica said...

What cute collars! Bodie is a fan of plaid so I like that one in particular. Haha

L0veLindsey said...

My favorite is the one you're giving away! This is the perfect giveaway as we are adopting a new dog, but we don't know if it will be male/female yet! Pink and brown is unisex in my opinion ;) Love them!

Julie said...

I love this! My favorite one is the one you're giving away, too! It's funny because that's exactly what Maisy's collar now looks like...but we definitely are needing a newer/cleaner one!

Logan said...

Oh Cruz, I hope you have been good!?? Too funny I was telling Mayela about rules and how she will need to listen to them until she is 18 and moves out! You though will grow up and become a little calmer with age, and the chewing stuff, really another year or two and that will be old news!! I still like your collar the best!!

Rachel and John said...

I like the love at first sight collar!!

Leigh said...

Already a follower of course :) Harley desperately needs a new collar so even if I don't win, I think I will be ordering one :)

I love diamond in the ruff or whale watcher

Gramma said...

After much deliberation, my favorite for the summer is the first one you chose. But there are some very cute ones for sure,Cruz. And.... I must say you look very stylish in your new Addison Logan collar :)

Bride-onicles said...

Aww Cruz, you are too kind. My pup Jack is a male dog and he loves the whale watcher blue belt. I am already a follower of your lovely blog!

Ashley Borysewich said...

Following you, and I love the Hot Polka collar!

Ashley said...

I am a follower (of course)
Gracie and Lily would love soo many of them!!! Especially the Sexy B and Paisley Princess and the Carnival...

Kae* said...

I am a follower...hehe your blog is probably my favorite to follow! and my boyfriend's dog who is basically becoming mine is a girl and she just had her birthday yesterday! :) (pics on my blog) and I love the Marilyn Monruff one :)

Jenny Hill said...

Hey Cruz - love this give-away.

Since Brutis is a boy - he liked Diamonds in the Ruff and Dusk - but his favourite was Hot Doggie - very fitting for him!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a fabulous line of collars for precious pups!!! I love them! Count me in :)