28 degree C? I will take it.

Hello Tuesday.

It is supposed to be 28C today!
We have really been lacking the HOT weather that this body needs!
Justin is going riding tonight with Mr. D so after I get the grocery shopping done I think Cruzie and I will go for a run and then eat dinner (left overs from our yummy dinner last night) outside!

I don't have much to report today...really lacking some content.
So maybe I'll share a cute snowy Cruz photo.
Not missing the snow.
But isn't she so stinkin' cute. Yup.

Oh guess what we bought:
It now lives in the bed room. I NEVER thought we'd have a TV in the bedroom but what can I say is: it will be nice mostly during hockey season or when we are home sick.
It will be nice to cuddle up in bed, haul Cruzie up there with us and watch a movie too.

Ok but let me tell you deal we got. 
Side note: We bank with Presidents Choice Financial which Justin hates BUT whenever you use the debit card you get PC Points. That you can then use as cash at Super Store.

Regular price of TV: $550.00
Sale Price: $349.44
(Plus $30.00 recycling fee)
Double the GST Off (weekend deal):
PC Points Redeemed: -$320.00

Total we paid: $40.47

Awesome right?!! I say yes.
Sorta feel like a crazy couponner! ha

Well that's all for today! I hope everyone has a great sunny day.

PS. Gran comes tomorrow! {insert squeal of excitement!}

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Rachel and John said...

Awesome deal!!

David and Elizabeth said...

yay for warm weather...and awesome deal!

Justin said...

I love that picture! Kinda wish I was enjoying dinner with you and Cruzie!

Jessi said...

Aw what a cute picture! She's so cute!!

Ashley said...

Way to go on the TV deal! I have a PC Mastercard and use it when grocery shopping a Super Store! I am not as patient as you and I usually use it when I have $20 in points saved up! I'll have to try saving them! :)

MrsV said...

I have to admitt I needed to convert your degrees C to our degrees F to figure out what your weather was like! Haha! Congrats on the tv guys! Love the picture of Cruzie, and enjoy time with Gran!!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Great deal on the TV. You only get PC points when using your debit card at Superstore though right? We rarely shop there so I probably have 5 points...

Kae* said...

Thats so awesome about the tv! I love great deals!

krink said...

Please don't tell Troy about this. He will be UBER jealous! He now wants one for the Flames Room. Well done though on the PC Points!!!
And please say hi to Gran. How long is she here again???

Logan said...

Crazy couponer go for it!! Whoop Whoop, love those deals!! That would be the only way I would get a TV in the bedroom!! Please share some sun, after the 3 days of rain, we need to dry up!!

Amanda said...

Um helllooooo? That's an amazing, amazing deal! Plus your pup is adorable, I want to steal her.

Adam Thomas said...

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