What I'm Loving Wednesday!


(1) My brother will be home TONIGHT!
{may not see him until tomorrow but he will be back home TONIGHT!}

{gotta love the regatta outfit Jeff! Billy Ray!}

(2) I'm loving that Jeff is bringing his sister some of this (because we don't get it in Canada)
(skinny girl margarita)

and these that I ordered from Target because I luuuve them! BEST Brother EVER!

(3) I'm loving my new fat curl stick.

My hair dresser used it on me last time I was there and I fell in love with the curls. Loose, pretty and they last forever. And it took her 5 whole minutes to do my whole head and I have a mop people.
I admit the first time I used it...it was not a pretty sight...to say the very least. Justin saw me and was like "how much did you pay for that thing?" I assured him I would get better. Thanks to youtube and a few tutorials..
I got it figured out AND I don't even need the 'glove' you are suposed to wear when you use it. Pro-fessional I tell ya! Anyone else have one of these babies?

(4) I'm loving the power of adoption.

Remember in December when I posted this story.
Well we were just sent a lengthy email from this sweet girls new Mom. Along with the email update she sent about 20 pictures of her with her new family, home and room.
Yes - she has her own room, had a special birthday party...! :D Yay!

And the best part was a video. Melt my heart. I SO wish I could share it.
Remember her obsession with pianos?

Well...in the first month at her new home she went through 5 child pianos (would break them when she got upset/frustrated). So they made a deal that if she did not break a piano for a month then she would get an electric grande piano.
Well the video was of her getting her new piano. Oh heck - the water works! She walked into the room, saw the piano and stopped in her tracks..(her language has improved leaps and bounds) and she said "for me?" and when Mom said yes her face just lit up the room! Me explaining it does not do the video justice. It was amazing.
We were all blubbering messes watching the video, going through the pictures and reading up on how well this sweet girl is doing.
She is a new person. She doesn't even look the same! It is like she is now finally comfortable, at peace and truly happy. Oh wow. Amazing. Just had to share because I am LOVING that!
And loving that sweet girls new Mom - what an inspirational woman.

Tell us what you are loving over with Jamie. :)

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David and Elizabeth said...

bahaha gotta love billy ray circa 1992! ha!

Leigh said...

I don't think I knew we couldn't get the Skinny Girl Margarita in Canada. Lame! We never get anything good! Love the sandals though!

I am terrible at curling my hair! Maybe you can teach me?! :)

Suze said...

Girl , hooray for big brudda coming home :) and bringin' you some surprises :) hehe.

that curl stick sounds amazing, may have to buy me one!!!!!
what a blessing story of that little girl and the new life she has now with a new moma and the piano - wowow such a blessing and praise story :)

Joeylee said...

have fun with your brother! cute shoes! & yes you were right about the DVD!

Kit said...

Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!! Love those sandals!

Jessica said...

So glad you finally get to see your bro! I'm so glad that the family that adopted that little girl is treating her right and making her happy. :)

Jennifer said...

I am HORRBILE at using a curling iron on myself! I wish someone would give me lessons lol.

Whity Wife said...

skinny girl is my love! I guess I should be more appreciative that i can get it down the street!

I am really wanting to try the curler- I would love to find anything to curl my hair (stick straight after each styling no matter what I do!)

Have fun with your brother!!

Caroline said...

Love the shoes! And I am happy you get to see your bro!

Kae* said...

Aww so excited for you to see your brother and he is so sweet bringing his sister her favorite things :) Happy Wednesday!

*Allie* said...

OOO I am intrigued by the Fat Curl Stick. I curl my hair all the time, but would love a new method. Show us a pic of how it turns out!!

Kristin said...

loving your new sandals!!

Amber said...

I am going to have to find someone that sells skinny girl margaritas. I have been on the lookout for a little while now {although I do not frequent liquor stores at all} let me know how it is.

I love the loose curl look. How much did that cost you? I have never heard of that brand before. I would love to see pictures of your hair sometime. Curling in 5 minutes is unheard of! I love a good product review!

Cait said...

ahhhh LOVE those sandles girl :) and skinny girl mararitas are SO fabulous! xo great post!