Weekend Wrap Up


Birthday boy weekend!
Saturday when we got up we took Cruzie to the park and then Justin met up with Mr. D and went for a bike ride. Only because it was his birthday did I not pout that he chose Mr. D over me. :) He had a great bike ride though.


We had a great get together Saturday night for Justin's birthday.
It's always nice to hangout with close friends.
I took very few pictures this weekend. Bad Alison. 
Ok get this. Not 1 photo was taken of Cruz.
Please don't tell her. Bad Mom. 
Justin snapped a few of Emerson & I though.
And then I played around with the coloring on the second, way to state the obvious there Alison.

This is our friends pup Bones. He was adorable and he and Cruz had fun.
He is a lab/retriever doodle!

Then Sunday we had a busy day.
We went to Debbie's dance recital for her little dancers. SO cute. Little 3-5 year olds doing ballet has got to be one of the cutest things EVER! We went with Crystal, Troy and Emerson and Emerson was SO good and was into the music and everything.
Then we zipped home (yup we zipped alright!) to get Cruz and then headed to Leigh's house.
Justin & Mr.D hooked up their new faucet. This would not have been possible without the expert tips of Leigh and I. Or maybe it was the beer. Not sure. It got done though!
They made a delicious dinner and Leigh even made Justin cookies for his birthday. So sweet.
Then we had to rush home to watch the Survivor Finale with Mom, Dad & Nana.
Thank goodness Rob won! Yay.

That's it! Whew. Seemed super busy even though Saturday Cruz & I vegged most of the day.

I hope to link up with Tail Wagging Tuesday later because I have a GREAT video of Cruz I just don't know how to upload a video. Insert sad face. Hopefully my techy hubby will help me or do it for me...please. Insert puppy dog eyes.

Happy Tuesday! xo

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Suze said...

Yay loved this weekend recap! What a fun weekend seriously. Emerson and your pix is tooo cute for words! I love that pix of sweet doggy named Bones. Ahhh. Hope you can show the video of Cruz soon :)

Leigh said...

I am glad that you guys were able to come over on Sunday even though you already had a busy weekend! Not just because the faucet was installed, but we like hanging out with you guys and Harley lovers Cruz! Haha.

Caroline said...

Sounds like a super fun, full weekend!

Just the Two of US said...

looks like you all had a fab weekend! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Jessica said...

Sounds like he had a good birthday!! Those pictures of you and Emerson are too cute. :D

Rachel and John said...

Upload the video to vimeo and then it gives you HTML code to add to your blog! So easy even I can do it!!

Joeylee said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. Your neiece is adorable!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Wow that was a busy weekend! Happy bday to Justin!

krink said...

Love that picture of you and Emerson that you fooled around with the coloring. I need to get a copy!!!
Thanks again for having us. Always great to see you guys!