Thursday Randoms...


Happy Thursday!

Guess who I saw last night....


So what if it was only for 10 minutes!
I got 2 hugs and I look forward to catching up with him tonight!

I tried to take some pictures of my hair when I curled it with my new TIGI Hardcore Fat curl stick as some of you requested...but I am not so good at taking self-portraits...but I tried (in multiple locations! ha. Yes in my mind trying a new mirror would increase my skills.). 
(I am seeing a few missed pieces in there..darnit!)
 Anyways you get the idea, right!?

Ok but the best part is how easy and quick it is.

Here is the tutorial I used.

Trick is you have to point the tip down...not up like in this photo (that was the mistake a I made first time round = disaster hair).

There are 25 heat settings so it gets super hot (I use it at setting 23 because I have thick hair) and I hold each curl for 5 seconds (I only have to make 8 curls).
Flip Head upside down, give a little shake and done.
And I have not had to spray with hairspray and it last all day and through a workout too.

And lastly I am excited to see my sweet niece today at lunch.
I have missed her (and Crystal too of course)!

I think that is it for today!  

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Jennifer said...

Love that photo of Jeff!

I also love your hair. Good job! I might have to check out one of those curling irons, although I have curly hair but I like when curls are so defined.

Leigh said...

I think it looks fabulous when curled like that! Love your dress too :) Where is it from?

Ashley said...

Love your hair (and your outfit BTW). Have fun with your brother tonight!!!

Café Moka said...

Love your curly hair!
Your niece is such a cute baby!

Suze said...

So happy for you that Jeff made it home safely and you got to see him!

those curls look amazing as you do too :) so pretty!

have fun with your sweet niece and crystal :)

Caroline said...

Your hair looks great! Have fun with your brother and niece! :)

Matt and Vanessa said...

Ooo I like that where did you get the curling stick from?

Alex said...

i really like your hair! looks so good!

Logan said...

Yeah Jeff!!

Here is an idea, you come here and curl my hair!! and bring the thingy too!! ;) Ok well when my hair grows out I'll watch the tutorial, and try! How cool would it be if you were close enough to come do my hair?!!

Love your dress!
Hugs to everyone there!! miss you guys!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Your hair looks great!! So pretty!!

Is that a dress or a skirt?? I love it! I need to find some summery dresses ASAP!!!

I am terrible at self portraits. They always turn out so badly!! I think you did a pretty good job.

Jessica said...

I love your hair like that! You look amazing fyi!

Amber said...

Love the look of the curls. It looks good on you. It doesn't sound too hard at all. I might just have to get me one of those. Thanks for sharing!

Kae* said...

Hope everything with your brother went great! I love the hair :)

Hilary Anna said...

beautiful hair and outfit! I'll have to check out the tutorial, thanks!