The Simple Things

Happy Thursday! I am so ready and looking forward to this weekend!

Today I am linking up with Jesslyn Amber with her 1st edition of:

I adore this idea. Because it's the simple things that matter and that we should really take notice of more often than we do.

~ A week full of sunshine after a cold snowy winter 
~ Daily Dear Diary emails with your best friend
~ Cruz's excited dance when you wake her up in the morning, get home from work or when she KNOWS she is going for a sleepover with her Grandma & Grampa.
~ Brother hugs after 6 months
~ Driving with the sunroof open & windows down and belting out all the words to the songs
~ Family dinners
~ Waking up, looking at the clock and realizing you still have an hour to sleep
~ Baby smiles & giggles
~ Feeling after a great workout
~ Pulling onto the beach road at the lake
~ Hot showers
~ Feeling Whit's baby kick SO hard
~ Dinner tonight with these lovely ladies. Love them. Don't see enough of them. But our friendship never fades over the months we don't see each other.

PS. My girl Ashley over at Life As I Know it. Featured me/I guest posted for her today! :) Show her some lovin', she is too sweet.

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Café Moka said...

Great things to love!

D @ The best things in life said...

I am so in! Love this idea! "Waking up, looking at the clock and realizing you still have an hour to sleep" BEST THING EVER!

Leigh said...

Love this post series idea! Definitely loving this weather, it can stay around for a long time now!

Suze said...

Love this! I too enjoy waking up and realizing i have an extra hour of sleep :) you have so many simple things to love going on lately! Have fun with your girls tonight for dinner :)

Ciara {Miss Monkey} said...

Love this list! Feeling babies kick is such a great thing. And that singing at the top of the lungs thing, I am right there with ya. I'm actually about to go humiliate myself and do that! Haha!

I got here from Jesslyn's linkup! Following!

Jessica said...

Have fun at dinner with your friends!!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Alison! These are so great, sweetheart! Dear Diary emails sound so sweet! And, I love waking up with more time to sleep! It's such an awesome feeling! Family dinners, a week of sunshine, and that feeling after working out are amazing too! Just the other night afer jogging, I thought to myself about how great I felt! :)

Thank you SO much for participating!!! :)