I was too busy yesterday to get a post ready about the weekend events so that will have to wait until tomorrow.
We had a really fantastic weekend though I promise.
And Justin looks GREAT 30! Not a day over 29 I tell ya.
So a few randoms for today.

~ Guess who is staying with us now until after the long weekend?
LILY! Yay!
She is SO excited to come home and see Cruz and have LOTS of sleepovers!
She is just starting on a gluten free & casein free diet. So it should be an interesting week with me trying to figure out what to feed her for lunch and dinner but her Mom left a bunch of things to help so it should be ok {but I'm not gonna lie I am a little nervous about it.}

Anyone out there on a Gluten free or Casein free diet that has any great simple, but tasty recipe ideas? Staples to have? Clever ideas?
Let me know - it would be greatly appreciated!

~ Whoop whoop to Bost Rob winning Survivor!!! So glad he finally won and he SO deserved it!

~ I'm excited to go see Rachel with Leigh on Thursday and meet Henry!
Cruz is excited to play with Rudy also.

~ I'm not feeling very creative So I could not come up with an interesting Pout. I mean did you see the title of this post? Monday. I did add 3 exclamation marks though. Yup that's all I could come up with. Wow Alison. Awesome. Monday. Moving on.

~ Oh here I will show you a few new AW Design items.
Because you are dying to see them right!!!

~ Ok that's all the time I'll waste of yours today! Enjoy your Monday.
I may or may not go to bed at 7:30pm with Lily tonight! This girl is sleepy.

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Suze said...

Yay for lily coming and staying over! what fun times you two will have :)

love your new additions to your etsy shop, i swoon over those headbands girl!

have fun meeting henry :)

have a great rest of your day!

David and Elizabeth said...

LOOOOOVE the teal and white flower headband!! :) Adorable!

Logan said...

Love the first head band you are wearing!!

Whitney said...

Love those headbands.. and that onesie is adorable. YAY for Boston Rob winning!!!

Ciara {Miss Monkey} said...

That onesie is too cute!

Jessica said...

Can I have your hair!? Haha, so pretty!
And those headbands are adorable.

MrsV said...

Lily is adorable!! Have a fun week with her! I'm not help on the diet ideas though =( You're designs are super cute! Kaydee loves loves the rosette head bands!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Ashley said...

OKay, do you seriously still have snow?!

Kae* said...

Omg! I want one of those headbands! those are adorable! :) Happy Monday Love!

Brittany said...

The headbands are remarkable! Are they from your etsy shop?

krink said...

Oh my god LOVE LOVE LOVE the red headband! Soooo cute!