Monday madness!

Wowzers it has been a busy day so far. Is it Friday yet?
Anways, Friday night was a great success for both my school and AW Design.
Whitney and I were very pleased with the feedback we received from everyone and we were excited to have our first showing under our belt. 

We needed a bigger table! It was crowded and a bit busy!

We also had a fabulous weekend.
A few pictures of Justin's new addiction bike!!!

This picture was important. Justin said make sure you take a picture of this...? :)

He is officially in love - again. He went for a nice ride in Fish Creek Park to break it in. It is safe to say it was not white when he got it back home!

Then we had a great dinner with Leigh & Mr. D at The Blind Monk.
The majority of the conversation between Justin & Mr. D was about bikes. Shocking! Leigh and I just smiled and giggled to ourselves and then had our own conversations while they chatted. :)

Sunday I worked on custom orders I received for headbands and beanie hats.
Here's one:

And when I gave it to the Mom today - she ordered 2 more!

And look what Cruzie bought me for Mother's Day!
I have always wanted an orchid. Good thing she Justin is such a good listener!
I love it, thank you Justin & Cruzie. xoxo
 And beside it is the art piece I bought at the Kids Art Auction.
It is Lily's. :) Gotta love my girls work!

Then we had a great dinner with my whole family and Justin's whole family at Mom & Dad's.
12 of us and I was so nice to have us all together.
Especially because FINALLY my brother was part of it. :)

Jeff loved seeing Emerson!

 Cruzie & Emerson just adore each other...
 Hi Uncle Justin!

Happy Monday! :)

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Suze said...

Hey! Glad AW design was a hit :) I had NO doubt in my mind! I named a giveaway winner on my blog-FYI so we need to discuss details how to get it to the person who is winner! GLAD you got lovely orchid, my moma and granny LOVE theres!!!! So beautiful and lillys artwork! ahh! Happy Justin got his bike too! Brothers in town, wonderful family dinner with EVERYONE under one roof! LOVE IT! You had a lovely FAB weekend girl! xxoo
ps Emerson is ALWAYS cute :)

Kae* said...

Sounds like a great/busy weekend! Oh I am jealous. My bike is in Wyoming at my aunt's and I am wanting it back so bad!!! I hope you have a great monday! :)

Jesslyn Amber said...

AW Design looks awesome!! Glad your show was a hit. Your blog is so cute... and you are gorgeous! New follower. :)

krink said...

Oh my god I LOVE those pics of Emerson and Cruzie! Soooo adorable! And the ones of her and Uncle Jeff too! He was awfully comfortable holding her last night... he might just need a niece of nephew of his own or possibly his own bambino sooner rather than later! bahahaha!

Joeylee said...

Glad to hear that your show went good. Love the headbands! Love the pictures of your dog and the baby too cute.

Leigh said...

Thanks again for meeting up for dinner :) The pictures of Cruz and Emerson are super cute!

Caroline said...

So happy your first show was a hit! Looks like a great weekend and I'm glad Cruz didn't forget Mother's Day!

Logan said...

So with you on that Crystal!! But one question? Cruz is named after Justin's other bike? Does that mean if you have a baby you would name it Yeti? hahaa, I had to ask, It made me laugh thinking about it!! I see Aunty Rene in one of the pictures!! You look amazing!! HUgs! We are also loving our head bands!! :) Thank you!!

Mom said...

Hey, you don't usually post on the weekends so I almost missed your Mother's Day post. Thank you so much from a Mom who couldn't ask for a better daughter than YOU....Love you more than you will ever know:)


PS Congrats on our first AW design show.

Just the Two of US said...

Looks like your shop is going great! that's awesome! I'm excited for you!

kebowman said...

Ahhhh! everything on ya'lls table looks adorable! Emerson is precious!

Jenny Hill said...

Those rolls on Emerson are adorable! Love them so much!!