Manic Monday!


We had a great weekend that went by far too quickly as usual.
And low and behold the sun came out!
This makes for a happy Alison!

Friday night we watched:

I asked Justin what he thought of the movie when it was done and his only comment was that we should start watching Gossip Girl cause Leighton Meester is hot. hahaha
Gotta love his honesty. :)


Both were decent.

Then Saturday we headed out to Costco, then to get Groceries and then to tease ourselves by looking through a number of show homes. It was fun to look and dream as they were all beautiful. They were all bigger than we need and want but we were ready to move into the main floor of #1 and #4 and the upstairs of #2 right babe! What they really make me what to do is hit up Home Sense for a major shopping trip and home makeover!

Random: I had an Iced Coffee with milk from McDonalds as I heard they were delicious and it's a true story. They are. AND for the whole summer they are only $1 for any size.
But I looked on and it says they are 280 calories. What? Isn't it just coffee and milk? I need to look into this monstrosity. Maybe that is if you order fries with it..which I really wanted to do, but didn't!

Then we were off to Dustin and Whitney's for our Mexican Birthday Party for Titus!
We had a delicious dinner, played Guesstimations and had an awesome time.
In true Alison fashion I only took pictures of the dogs!

Justin was a super star on Sunday - he did a ton of work on the soffits of the garage.
A ton of work meaning he started and finished them! What a superstar my hubby is.
I helped after I dropped Lily off for maybe 30 minutes and I was already tired of the cutting! Justin worked on it for over 6 hours! And then we cleaned out the garage, swept, washed the floors, put all the extra material in the rafters..looks great!
Now we just need to hire someone to do the eaves and flashing. Flashing? Maybe not, the thing around the door.. I'm trying to get my lingo down. I had to google soffits. :)

Speaking of super stars. My SIL Crystal finished her first half marathon yesterday in Vancouver. 2:12:12 was her time. Good work Krink! Under your goal time, whoop hoop!

Alright that's it for today folks. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Brother count: 2 sleeps!!!

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Hannah @ The New Black said...

Haven't seen The Roommate and thought that The Dilemma was just OK...thought it would have been better. I've been meaning to start watching Gossip Girl too, although not for the same reason. ☺

Whity Wife said...

what a weekend! My Monday was made wonderful by a package from your store today! Thank you so much! A post about it is scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I linked to your blog and store. Again, thank you!!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Congrats to your SIL in finishing her half marathon...that's awesome! :)

Britt said...

I also had an Iced Coffee this weekend... Gotta love that it's only a buck... BUT yes, a large is 240 calories and has 11g of fat... must be the cream...? I guess I won't be drinking those to often! lol

Jessica said...

How in the world can coffee and milk have that many calories?! Yikes!

Suze said...

what a busy weekend girliee! y'all were very productive wowow! congrats on SIL on making her time under the goal too! so awesome! love the pix of titus and cruz! too cute! :) have a great monday!

Mizdragonfly said...

Iced coffee are so fattening, it's not even funny! But they're sooooo good ;)


Venassa said...

I loove McDonald's coffee so I can't wait to soak up the iced version all summer.
Is it sad that I've never heard of either of those movies? They looks pretty good though.

Megan said...

I love the iced coffees from there, but they are fattening. Ugh.

Kae* said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The iced coffee looks so good! I will have to try it! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for linking up!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Will have to add those movies to my viewing list!

Looking at showhomes is such a bad idea!! They are so pretty though!

The birthday party for Titus is such a cute idea!!