I'm loving how well Lily is doing at our place. She isn't complaining about my gluten free/casein free cooking (only Justin is!) and she is a superstar in the morning, getting up, walking Cruz with me and getting to school earlier than normal.
She is SO excited for the lake this weekend it is totally motivating her to do anything!
Except she REALLY wants to swim in the lake, she doesn't understand how freezing it will be and what a whimp I am. This may be a job for my crazy brother. Jeff? Thoughts?

I'm loving Cruz's new collar that FINALLY came in the mail yesterday.
She pretty much loves it and it looks great on her.
She was modeling it for you and strutting her stuff all night!
AND I have a giveway coming up from the seller! :) Just working out the details!

I'm loving that Leigh is doing a giveaway from AW Design! You shuold check it out, you can win your favorite item from our Etsy page or Facebook page!

I'm loving ART CLUB! Our students requested art club at lunch and when no one volunteered to run it I decided I could tackle it. Our first meeting was yesterday at lunch and it was a tons of fun. I pretty much laughed the entire time.
Our first project was an Andy Warhol inspired piece.
I'll share when the masterpieces are complete.

I'm loving that Rachel taught me how to upload a video to share. And I did all by myself! What a big girl I am! Thanks Rachel.

Now this is Cruz with a home made treat. She likes to play with them first.
The first 20 seconds are the best. Silly girl.

Untitled from Alison Black on Vimeo.
Happy Wednesday! :) I hope everyone has a fabulous day.

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Justin said...

That's my girl! I'm impressed my tech savy wife figured out how to do it!!! Good work babe!
Love ya!

David and Elizabeth said...

What a cute collar!! I love that she plays with her treat!

Natalie said...

Cruz is SUCH a cutie!

Ashley said...

Such a cute video!!!! Oh and I entered the fabulous give away!!!

Suze said...

Lily is a champ , proud of her :) I wouldnt be getting in that cold water either though! whew. your not alone! LOVE cruz's new collar so cute! I cant wait to see the masterpieces from art club! Cruz cracks me up , playing with her treat before eating, so silly! Yay for uploading video all by yourself :) Hope you have a great day!

star said...

I love Cruz's new collar! So pink!!

Whitney said...

LOL.. Love the video. Too cute.

Kae* said...

Love the new collar! I am glad Lily is doing good with the food! :) Happy Wednesday Love!

Jessica said...

Haha, what a cute video of Cruz!!! :)

I would def make Jeff get in the lake with Lily, too cold for me.

Caroline said...

Cruz is so cute!! :) Love her new collar!

Logan said...

Lily, ask Jeff, he is brave, yep my thought on the swimming in that lake at this time!!

Good job on putting the video up!!

Cruz, your collar is beautiful!!!

Leigh said...

That's happy that the collar finally arrived! Looks like Cruz loves it :)

Ashley said...

haha our Ruger is like that with treats -- ESPECIALLY rawhide! Her color is amazing! Sometimes I wish we had a girl dog lol so I could get bling and pretty girlie things haha

Leslie said...

I love the new collar for Cruz!!! That video is hysterical! Happy Wednesday! :)

Jesslyn Amber said...

Cruz is sooooo sweet!!! Omg, that video is so funny!! :)

And I love that you called her a goofball. I say that all the time!

krink said...

Okay the best part of the video is you giggling in the background! You're hillarious!
That's my Cruzie girl though. She sure does love to eat! :D

Alex said...

Presley used to to that with his treats, I am always curious as to why they do it. lol! I love the new collar!!

Ms. J said...

Love that collar!! I want one for Rox!