Kettlebell Swings

A few of you are thinking of joining me with the 10,000 challenge starting tomorrow (yay!)so here are are some tutorials on the different Kettlebell Swings in case you wanted to make sure you knew th righht form etc.
All are by Lauren Brooks who I think is the queen of Kettlebells. I LOVE her videos.

Overhead Swing

Alternating Swing

Kettlebell Swing tutorial

Another Kettlebell Swing tutorial

And lastly check her out here:
She does a Turkish Get Up with 53 pounds! Almost half her body weight. Impressive.

(the videos are not embedding, I don't know why so just click on them sorry)
Alright hope everyone is having a great day.
We are having a big playground 'reveal' at school today for the playground we won so the students are pretty much bouncing off the walls!
Should be a fun day - plus the sun has joined us!

Happy Tuesday!

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Hannah @ The New Black said...

She is awesome! I always start these challenges, just never finish them. :( I gotta get it together!!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the videos! I am going to check them out tonight :)

Caroline said...

I've really got to give this a try.

Ashley said...

hmmm I'll have to check this out -- I have been looking for a little variety in my workouts =)

Jessica said...

Woah, she looks intense! I'll have to check out the videos when I get home. :)

Al said...

Ok I have no idea what a Turkish get up is, but I like it simply because it's Turkish :) Happy Tuesday, darlin!

Adrian said...

This 10k kettle bell challenge may be a great way for me to get onto the whole kettle bell bandwagon...I will definitely consider doing it! How heavy are your kettle bells that you use, or are good for beginners?

Rachel and John said...

eek i'm excited!!!!

Kae* said...

Love using a kettle ball. I own one and LOVE it.

krink said...

Holy cow look at her ABS!!!