Happy Friday!


Hey Everyone!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

We don't have a whole lot going on which I am VERY excited about.
Dinner with friends, baby shower prep, making more stock for the next market for AW Design, watching a dance recital AND Cruzie's birthday on Sunday!!!
So hopefully this rain takes a hike so we can get outside on Sunday and enjoy it!!!

Happy Birthday on Sunday to my sweet Avah!
Ani Afilin, Unky Just & Cruz love you to bits!
How are you 3 years old already?
You tell Mom Ani Afalin says you can have as many cupcakes as you want!

PS. Good luck on your 1st half marathon Leigh! So excited for you!

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Jessica said...

Have a good weekend!

Ashley said...

have a great weekend -- it sounds like you have fun things in store! and Happy Birthday to Cruz!

Logan said...

Hahaaa, Ani Afilin you crack me up! We need to do a skype night, maybe Sunday does that work for you guys?

Jaclyn said...

That first image and quote is so lovely. Have a great weekend, Alison!

Leigh said...

Thanks Alison! I am starting to get nervous, but I think that's a good thing? Hope you have a great weekend!

Raven said...

low key weekends are always the best. Hope yours is great!!!

MrsV said...

I LOVE the pic & message at the first of your post!

Happy Birthday Cruz! Harlo says: "Rappy Rirfday Ruz"!

Have a great holiday weekend girl!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

*Allie* said...

Cutest little girl!! I love your doggie, too :-)