Fun Friday & 30 handsome years!

This weekend is special because it is my incredible hubby's 30th birthday tomorrow!!!

I could not ask for a better side kick.
He keeps me laughing, doesn't complain when I over cook meat or eggs, deals with my mess workshop of AW Design stuff that has taken our the spare bedroom & kitchen table, loves me unconditionally, is the best Dad to Cruz and takes very good care of his girls.

He really is THE BEST man I could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday babes!

And a special thank you to my MIL for having such a special son 30 years ago that today and everyday for the rest of our days I am lucky enough to call MINE!

 The studly birthday boy!

So in honor of his birthday on Saturday we'll hopefully go for a bike ride and then we are having friends over for homemade pizzas, salads, ice cream sundaes & Whit's special cupcakes.

Sunday we are going to my MIL's recital (she is a ballet instructor) with Crystal, Troy & Emerson.

Then heading over to Leigh & Mr. D's with Cruz so Mr. D and Justin can install the new faucet Leigh won! Hopefully it's sunny so Leigh & I can soak in the rays while the pups play!
Then it's the Survivor Finale Party at our house! Go Rob Go!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Spoil yourself a little some how, enjoy the sun and relax!

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MrsV said...

What a sweet post girl! My hubs & I both turn 30 this summer. God Bless 1981 =) Enjoy your beautiful & yummy weekend!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a good weekend planned! Enjoy it!

David and Elizabeth said...

I love that you mentioned how good of a dad he is to Cruz! Such a sweet post! Have a great weekend :)

Rachel and John said...

happy birthday to Justin!

Have fun with leigh! you guys are always hanging out doing fun things.

Alex said...

Happy birthday Justin! I hope yall have a wonderful weekend!!

Logan, Mayela, Avah, and Dal said...

Happy Birthday Justin!!
Happy Birthday Uncle Justin!!
Hope you guys have a good weekend!!

Kristin said...

Have a great weekend with your hubby!! Happy birthday justin!!!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Justin!! You better spoil him rotten Alison!!! Have a great weekend!!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday to Justin! Can't wait to see you guys and Cruz on Sunday :) Does Justin have a favorite baked good?

Suze said...

Awe!!!! Happy birthday to your hubs! Have a blast this weekend! that is so neat your MIL teaches ballet! I have a love for dance you have no idea! I miss it! xxoo