Cruz signing in...

Hey Blog friends, Cruz here.

Mom was feeling bad for me so she let me guest post again to fill you in on my vet appointment.
I will start by telling you that the vet isn't my favorite place.
Sure they give me lots of treats and are pretty darn nice to me but I've had some pretty nasty things happen to me there.
I guess I wasn't acting with my best behaviour yesterday.
As soon as the {handsome} vet walked in I started trying to hide under Mom's chair. The vet even tried to give me treats and talk sweet to me and all I did was cling to the back of Mom's legs, show my teeth and growl at the vet.
Mom was not happy. She kept trying to stick up for me and tell the vet that I really am a nice girl but had had a bad experiece with a different {mean male} vet there once and perhaps this was where this behaviour was coming from. I have NEVER growled or shown my teeth before so this was very shocking to my poor Mom. I had even had this vet before and was fine with him but yesterday I was just not having it.
Needless to say I was not about to show this vet my bum {even if he was handsome} so Mom had to put a muzzle on me and she had to do all the work for the vet.

After all that the vet diagnosed me with Swimmer's Tail Syndrome which is very common in Labs like myself. It basically means that I strained the muscles in my tail. Ouchers.
Oh and I also have ear infections in both ears. Awesome.
So I have anti-inflamtories for my tail that I need to take for 2 weeks, need to take a break from being Michael Phelps for a week and have to have these stupid drops put in my ears before bed. Not a fan guys, seriously.
Anyways I guess that's what I get for being a water dog.

Another thing. The vet HATES the food that I am on. Say what? I love it.
Mom and Dad had only heard great things about it and it has helped keep the weight on me which we had a problem with before. But he says that it has more protein in it then a dog needs and I end up just peeing out most of the protein. He says you pay a pretty penny for it because they claim it is so great being basically all protein when really my body doesn't need/want that much.  

So confusing because Mom and Dad just want what's best for me and everyone has an opinion. Geesh. The vet recommends Science Diet or Royal Canin.
Any of you dogs get fed these? Or my love drug Orijen (above)?
The vet did say I was in great shape. That's right I told him, gotta keep my girlie figure in shape you know.
I have a lots of boy friends to impress. Like Titus, Oscar, Cyrus, Harley & Rudy. :)

Anyways that's it for today. Thanks for all your sweet comments and email yesterday.
I have a giveaway coming up so you pups out there can be stylish like me and win a fancy schmancy collar. So keep your eyes open for that.

Love, Cruzie girl.

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Ashley said...

Awww poor cruz!!! Ear infections run strong in our household too!!

I feed my dogs the Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice, I find it helps with thier coat, skin , etc. It is about $65 for a big bag!

I hope Cruz feels better soon! That is priceless how she acted with the vet! Dogs always keep you on the edge of your seat with surprises!!

L0veLindsey said...

Honestly Science Diet is crap.. vets promote it because they usually carry it and I believe get paid a percentage of the sale or something along those lines. I had my lab on Science Diet and she had a serious skin allergy to it. Thousands of dollars and a bunch of tests later I took her off the food (against my vets wishes) and her skin cleared up. The vet assured me it wasn't the food. Yeah, okay!

When choosing a food look at the first few ingredients. The first should always be a meat by product (a meat is okay as long as the second ingredient is a by product). The reason being if they simply put "chicken" they mean it's mostly water with a little chicken. We go with the Diamond Dog food brand. The dogs love it, it's exceptionally priced, and it's a great food. There is no wheat, no corn, and no soy in it either. In a lot of foods, Science Diet included (I believe) corn is the main ingredient! Not good for you carnivorous doggies! Hope this helps Cruz! ;) Be nice to your mama, she loves you!!

Leigh said...

Haha I love this post! Poor Cruz though...she probably knew she was going to be poked and prodded and tried to hide before it could happen. Hopefully she gets better soon! Harley has had ear infections before and he DOES not like the drops or the cleaner either. We clean his ears every couple of weeks now and he seriously hides and will not roll over for us to put them in! It's quite funny. Our vet told us that they will get them easier if their ears get wet and are not maybe that's why she got them?

Weird that he said that about Orijin. I've heard good things about it too. We have Harley on a food called Dick Van Patten's natural balance. It's not cheap, but it's worked wonders for Harley! You can get it at Rascal's pet food.

Logan said...

Poor Cruzie Girl! Ear infections Suck!!

My nana use to use Science diet, and my (parents) use royal canin, I also remember when Tequila was skinny, now she is old and fat! and doesn't get as much exercise as she should! Good luck!! to make a Dora cake and a soccer ball cake!!:)

Cruz we are having a party for Avah tomorrow, wanna come???? 3pm, tell mom/dad to drive fast!!

Caroline said...

Hope you feel better soon, Cruzie! You're such a beautiful girl!

Ashley said...

Awww Cruz =( I'm sorry to hear you are a sick girl -- but I am sure your mommy will take great care of you =)

Alison -- when I take Ruger to the vet, he growls and hides and they make me leave the room =( When my husband takes him, Ruger is perfect and friendly and fine. I don't know what the deal is lol
As far as the food goes -- I have had different vets tell us different things. We feed ours pedigree. My husband's family has only ever used Pedigree food for their pets and never had problems. our current vet told us it was fine, as long as he is eating normally and not gaining weight.
I'll have to watch out for the Swimmer's Tail -- Ruger LOVES being in the water!

Molly said...

Awe poor Cruz, such a pretty girl!

Our lab (looks almost identical to Cruz) eats Purina dog chow, and has had no problems with it.

Rachel and John said...

Poor Girl Cruz! I hope you aren't giving your mom a hard time about all the medicine she has to give you! She just wants you to feel better and so do I. My mom feeds me Hills food. It's the kind our vet recommended and what she feeds her dogs. I love it!

Hopefully we can play soon.

Love (one of your many boyfriends) Rudy.

Julie said...

We have always fed our cats Science Diet and it's wonderful, but I don't know about the dog food. We have Maisy on Blue and we love it. Boxers have very sensitive stomachs and this has been great for her so far. Never gets sick and keeps her at a good weight!

Jessi said...

Aw Poor Cruz! Oh goodness, you are getting me started on dog food...not a good idea!

I've been a vet tech for some time now and I've definitely learned plenty about dog foods. I will tell you that Orijen is a wonderful dog food, but it does contain too much protein, which in labs could end up being unhealthy as they get older. Labs are prone to obesity. I used to keep my dog on Orijen, but now I use Nature's Recipe.

Science Diet is NOT a good food, it is recommended by vets because they get kickbacks. If you read the ingredients in that and Royal Canin they are less than ideal (they contain byproducts and mostly corn, hardly any real meat).

I would recommend looking at Blue Buffalo (adult, not Wilderness - again, too much protein) or Nature's Recipe. I'm sorry for the long comment, I just have a brain filled with dog nutrition knowledge. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to help. :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Poor Cruz!! Sounds like a rough time! Hope she gets better soon!!

krink said...

Awww... my poor niece. You have to behave my dear! No growling at hot Vets please. Bad Cruzie... but we still love you and are glad that you're going to be okay.
Auntie Crystal, Uncle Troy and Cousin Emerson

Anonymous said...

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