:::2 years:::


2 years ago today something incredible happened.
This beautiful little girl was born.

And she could not possibly be loved any more.

Love our little family.
Happy Birthday Cruzie girl.
We love you to the moon & back.

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Whity Wife said...

so sweet! I love having furbabies!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday Cruz! I hope your parent's spoiled you rotten :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to Cruz!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Cruz! You're adorable!

Rachel and John said...

Happy Birthday Cruz!

Gramma and Grandpa!! said...

Happy Birthday Cruzie Girl! Gramma and Grandpa love you SO much. Even when you get us up at 4 am, eat our vacuum cord, dig a hole in the garden, turn our kitchen into a slippery slide etc etc. You make us laugh and we thoroughly enjoy having you in our family.

Kristin said...

wow she was small!! Happy Birthday Cruz!!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday to Cruz!!! So cute!!!