Sorry no Cruz posting today. You're stuck with me and what I am loving!

I'm loving this picture. It seriously cracks me up. I love the look on the big sister face. Priceless.

I'm loving that I received 2 of my 'wins' from 2 great blogs recently.

(1) From Ashley's Life as I know It I won this beautiful necklace that her sister Amy made!
So pretty and wow talented batman.

(2) I won a whole schwack of surprises from Summer of Summer Sweets. Ok I just have to say this girl makes the coolest zipper flowers! I love them. I wore the purple and got lots of compliments. {AND Summer is going to do a giveaway for me on Monday so keep you eyes peeled for that! yippee}

Thank you girls SO much! Make sure you all go check them out.

I'm loving this little girl. This was when we babysat and she was teething big time.
See still got some cute shots!

 I'm loving that tomorrow I will be posting a giveaway from our new Etsy shop!!!

I'm loving this:

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Brittany said...

Visiting from Jamie's Link up!

Great news on the giveaways! I am your newest follower : )

Leigh said...

Fun wins! The zipper flowers are so cool!

Greer's Gossip said...

Love that necklace and all of your pictures are too cute!

Beth McC. said...

That first picture cracked me up! Happy Wednesday!

Suze said...

I love the first picture! I def. smiled :) Hooray for getting your wins from giveaways, so pretty necklace! Sorry babe was teething but still precious! hehe . Have a great Wednesday!

Tiff said...

That first picture is too funny! Love it! And I am all about those flowers right now.. I gotta check that out!

Jessica said...

What a pretty necklace! You have got some luck girl, winning all those giveaways.

Ashley said...

Glad you love it :)

Can't wait to check out your etsy shop!!

a lovely mess. said...

super cute baby!!!

super cute blog :)

come visit me-xoxo

Hannah @ A Lovely Mess.

Mrs. B said...

OMG, that first picture is hilarious! Poor baby!

Yay for your winnings! I love fun giveaways...especially when you win! :)

Amy said...

I am soo glad you like the necklace!! You got it super quick too!! Thank you for your kind words, I mentioned it in my What I Am loving Wednesdays!!! Have a great week!!

Mizdragonfly said...

hahaha love the pic with the kid and the marker - that's a big WIN!

Love reading other Canadian bloggers - now following, hope you'll come and visit me at mizdragonfly.blogspot.com :)


Rachel and John said...

YAY for giveaways! You are one lucky girl!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

OMG that's an awesome funny picture! lol I love kids they do the darnest things.

Megan said...

Those zipper flowers are so cute!