What Cruz is Loving!


I figured you guys are probably sick of hearing what my Mom loves so Cruz here to tell you what I am loving!

 {Because let's be honest you guys mainly read this blog to get the low down on me right. Thought so. Don't worry I won't tell my Mom, we don't want to hurt her feelings.}

Anyways on to What I'm Loving!

I'm loving all the sun spots that I love to bask in.

I'm loving going for runs outside now that the weather is getting better (although I already miss having lots of snow). I am extra lucky because not only do my Mom & Dad take me running, my Grandma & Grampa do too. And I am one good little runner and sure know how to get messy.

I'm loving that Mom says it's time for a new collar! You see Mom likes her shoes. I like my collars. They are the only thing I can switch up so you know what they say, "A girl can never have enough collars!"
Ok wait, you guys can help me choose. I have it narrowed down to a few...which do you think will suit me best, bring out the gold in my eyes...tell me the truth.
1, 2, 3, 4 or 5...Thanks!
(all from Etsy, I just can't get enough! Dad says it has to have some pink so people know I am girl with the name Cruz and all)

Speaking of my name, I was named after Dad's bike. Yup creative right. Well I am wondering if Dad is going to start calling me Yeti because guess what... Dad just ordered a new bike!!!
I'm loving this because he works so hard and just got a promotion so this was the deal, he got a promotion, he got a new bike! What they tell me is that Dad's Santa Cruz bike is a downhill bike so it's really heavy. So this new bike is so he can ride up hill and keep up with Grampa! ha ha
Dad sure loves his bikes. And I liked going out riding with him last year so hopefully I'll get to go again. hint hint Dad.

Look how pretty it is:
(even if it's not the lime green one you wanted...)

And as always I'm loving my Dad and Mom and family. They love me to infinity and beyond. I guess that's a lot.

Ok that's it for today! We'll see if Mom lets me high jack the blog again... put in a good word for me and vote on my collars! I'll tell you what I order. :)

Sloppy kisses,

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Leslie said...

those collars are so cute! I love etsy!
and my puppy loves basking in the sun too! what a cute twist on WILW!

Just the Two of US said...

I love love love those collars!!! Cruz is too cute!

Happy wednesday and don't forget to enter my giveaway from pedia bear! You don't have to have kiddos to enter, if you anything like me, you go to 100 baby showers!

Ashley said...

I love those collars!! Where are they from? I like 2 and 3!!!

Cute post!!

Melissa said...

How cute Cruz! I wonder if my Macy will ever take over my blog ;) I say you get the first collar it is so cute and would look great on you! Tell your mom, I am a new follower :)

Logan said...

#4, Love it!! Cruz, you did good on the blog and I hope you are being a good girl, when your mom and dad are at work!! No messes!

David and Elizabeth said...

Such a cute idea! :)

MrsV said...

This is seriously the cutest What I'm Loving Wednesday post I've read so far! Love it! My dog is jealous, she is probably dying to blog =) haha!

Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

Jenny Hill said...

Tough call on the collars - they are all so cute. I think my vote is for #4 although #3 is up there too.

Suze said...

Oh Cruz ! I like #4 for your collar of choice , sloppy kisses back to you haha! :)

The (Almost) Volheims said...

Found your blog through the WILW link up and just love it! Love that Cruz hijacked this post, I may have to let my Natty do that one day! :) And I have to vote for collar #3 :)

Debby said...

Oh Cruz, you must get collar #3. It looks sturdy but very very pretty. Definately one to add to you collection. And what is 1 more collar in your collection, just like your mom and her shoes.lol sloppy kisses and bigs hugs to you and your mom,dad,nana,grandma,grandpa and or course Ripken

Rachel and John said...

LOVE THAT last photo. Oh Cruz you are too cute!

Debby said...

OOPS, I meant #4

Ashley said...

cruz is SUCH a cutie!!
Love the 4th collar!!

Carolyn said...

Cruz - tell mommy to get you the polka dot one! :)

Justin said...

Daddy says you should get the 4th collar. You'll have to come on a bike ride with dad and his new bike.
Love you and your mom!

Mom said...

I vote for # 2 or 3. But....you will look very pretty in any of them Cruz :)

Justin...you are one lucky guy and now Rick is going to expect big things on the uphills!!! No excuses...hahaha

Jessica said...

Hahaha, I love this post! Those collars are adorable, love the polka dots.

krink said...

Hi Cruzie! It's Auntie Crystal!!! I vote for collar #1!!! I like that one the best. Though I'm sure you will look super cute in whichever one you pick out. Uncle Troy and Cousin Emerson want to vote to, and they vote: Troy #5, Emerson #3 or #4. hahaha... lot of help we are :D

*Allie* said...

Best doggie accessories ever! I vote #1 or #4

Leigh said...

I love all of Cruz's collars! What buyer on Etsy do you get them from?

Justin must be so excited about his new bike!

Anonymous said...

4! lots of pink with that one...

Date Girl said...

My dog loves the sun spots too. It's so cute to watch him sunbathe. I vote #4 for the collar, adorable!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along, Cruz :)

I love those collars too!