Tail Wagging Tuesday


Today's topic is your pet's favorite toy.

This one is pretty easy.
Cruz LOVES her disc. This is one of her toys that she knows the name of and will go find it anywhere in the house. You say "Cruz find your disc!" and she will run around the house and look for it.
And we can lay on the couch, watch an entire movie and Justin will throw the disc for her the whole time. :)
This was one of her very first toys from Blake & Karen and we still have it. (meaning Cruz hasn't ruined it!!!)
So it looks like the disc but has the pink pattern!

Cruz is ready for summer and some boat time with Grampa.

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Alex said...

that last picture of your pup is so sweet :) have a fabulous day!!

Ashley said...

Love it!!! My dogs can't wait to get back in the boat too!! Spring fever has hit them hard suddenly!! I have not found a toy that the dogs LOVE and have NOT destroyed! lol But I do love how they know exactly what is what when you ask them to get it! Smart cookies!!

Leigh said...

I meant to tell you...the disc that you bought Harley like Cruz's...he has managed to chew through the side of it and wreck it! Darn dog!

Suze said...

Cruz is so cute and has fav toy trick....ADORABLE! love it! Smart girl! So peaceful out on the boat with her grampa too ;)

Jessica said...

Sweet Cruz! I should get Bodie one of those discs. :)

Nikki said...

Cruz is so cute!

asj said...

such a cute pic in the boat, adorable!

Michelle said...

Aw Cruz is so cute! Love the boat picture and the quote! So true!

I love your header and footer images too :)


CMae said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fur baby with me and others! -C Mae