Manic Monday


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Happy Monday everyone. We had a great weekend.
We went to a cool lounge on Friday night call Local 510. It was so neat, all wooden beams and funky cabiny lighting. Loved it. AND I ran into 3 friends I haven't seen in ages so that made me happy. And Justin, the birthday boy Darren and another buddy Aly had a fabulous time too, unfortunately Justin was 'feeling' it the next day. :)

BUT Saturday he was very productive anyways!
BEST thing he did was clean my car. It was awful how dirty it was and today when I got into it, it was like new. Thank you SO much Just. xo
And he hung a bunch of stuff in the garage! 3 cheers to the hubs!

While he was busy at home.
I was at Rachel's house.
We had a great shower for her and:

The hosts & beautiful Mom to Be!
Me, Leigh, Rachel & Vanessa
The Shower in Pictures!

We are SO excited to meet you Henry, come join us anytime!
Then Saturday night we had Blake & Karen (and Izzy & Oscar) and Dustin & Whitney (and baby C {who we felt kicking!} & Ty) over for dinner.
We had an incredible time as usual, lots of laughs (and too much to eat).

Sunday we slept in - even Cruz and our house guest Ripken!
Then we walked with the pups to Starbucks. It was beautiful out! So nice.
Then we just hung out at home, Justin watched golf, I did work on our Etsy stuff, we listened to Jeff's game. Great game (P.S. Jeff got an assist Saturday night and they whooped Augusta's butts) but they unfortunately lost Sunday so they are out of playoffs. Poop.
BUT Justin reminded me that this means a few good things. 1. He will be going to visit Jolie soon now. and 2. He will be home soon.
YEAH!!! {Side note: Jolie tell me when you are coming here this summer!}

I think that's it to report. Hope everyone had a great weekend too.
Happy Monday.

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Kristin said...

Looks like a fun shower!

krink said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
Congrats on another fabulous baby shower! I'm telling you, you need to go into business setting them up!!! Mine was just... beyond words. You are amazing!
Love you bunches!
P.S. your niece says HI!

Suze said...

What a relaxing weekend! So glad you had fun with your friends friday night! Sweet hubs to clean your car and put up things in the garage! Shower you gave Rachel is adorable! pretty pictures!!! boo for Jeff being out of playoffs but YAY for getting to see him soon!!!

Amber said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! That shower looks like it was fun, I love all the decorations. What is your etsy page? I would love to check it out!

Whitney said...

Fabulous weekend ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE the shower pics. You girls did an amazing job!! I'm sure Rachel loved it!! Nice work!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

Logan said...

I second that you could go into business planning baby showers! How lucky would the babies be!! and momma's!

Rachel and John said...

It was a FANTASTIC shower, but I look horrible in that group picture. I'm trying to get over it. Actually I looked horrible in the other group picture from Leigh's house too so maybe it's just impossible to look good beside you other gorgeous ladies!!!

Matt and Vanessa said...

I love how you put your pictures up! It looks so awesome!

Kae* said...

love the pics from the baby shower, and the idea of rubber duckies in the punch bowl! soo cute!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

What a cute shower--I love that cake!