Happy Easter!


Cruz was not happy with me doing this but she loves me so she put up with it.
Isn't she the cutest?!? Yes apparently I need children so I can dress them up real cute not my dog. I can only do things like this when Justin isn't home. 
But come on she wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter and she couldn't do that without the ears.

[I bought the ears for Emerson but I saw them sitting there and could not resist.
I love my Cruz. Sorry girlie.]

Anyways Happy Easter from The Black family.

PS. I hope you are all eating A LOT of these. :) I know I am!

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Jessi said...

Aw your puppy looks so cute! She looks like she's pleading with her eyes to take the ears off lol :)

Suze said...

Cruz is soooo cute even if she hated it!!!! hope y'all had a great easter!!!!!

Jessica said...

Aww, sweet Cruz! Hope you guys had a Happy Easter too. :D

krink said...

Oh I LOVE my niece! Happy Easter Cruzie! And Happy Easter to the Blacks... the MacPhees... and to everyone else. Miss you all!!!
Crystal, Troy and Emerson

Joeylee said...

love the pictures of your dog...hope you had a great easter!

SimplyHeather said...

...poor dog. LOL I'm joking I used to do that to my cat all the time until she went crazy and now attacks me when I try. Your puppy looks soo cute!