Fun Friday!


Ok I am so ready for the weekend, as always right!
Except for this weather. URG is all I have to say really.
Yesterday it snowed like mad and today it is sleeting like crazy.
I had to re-blow my hair dry after my walk with Cruz, we were soaked.
Alright, what is on the adgenda for this weekend?

Tonight - NOTHING = perfection. PJ party babe!?
Saturday - My Aunty Cathy's Birthday! Happy Birthday - we love you!

Groceries, AW Design organizing with Whit for our first event next Friday and then a Mexican themed birthday party for my favorite bull dog Titus.
This means dinner at Dustin & Whitney's with Blake, Karen, Brie & Blaine AND all of the dogs of course. So looking forward to it. Cruz and I made dog treats yesterday for all the dogs. She tested them and gave them a thumbs up.

He is so excited see:

Cruz is already planning what to wear and saving up kisses for her bff Ty.

Sunday - Hanging with my girl Lily, going to the zoo (if it warms up and it doesn't snow!) and perhaps going to see Water for Elephants with Just.
Crystal's race is also on Sunday in Vancouver - Go Crystal Go! :)

And I have to share these because I love them.
I am so lucky to have one of my best friend an ah-mazing photgrapher.
A couple days ago she send me an email with some photos she took of Cruz on our winter weekend getaway and I love them.

 It is crazy how much I adore that dog.
Thanks Whit, you are the best.

Have a great weekend everyone!
And if you are living someone warm. Please enjoy it but don't tell me about it. I'm too fragile when I comes to weather talk at the moment. ;)

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Mizdragonfly said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend - have a great one!


Logan said...

I agree, WE deserve summer already!!! Listen up mother nature, there is a lot more of us than you!!

Happy birthday Aunty Cathy!!

Thanks, Uncle Rick and Aunty Jayne, for Mayela's birthday wishes!!

Enjoy your weekend, skype Sunday night? xox

Just the Two of US said...

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend! So over this snow/rain weather!

Café Moka said...

I'm so with you, enough snow!!!

Have a great weekend!

Alex said...

love the pictures! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

Jessica said...

Bummer, hope the weather clears up for you guys soon!!

Cruz looks like he's having a blast, haha! Have a great weekend. :D

Simply Smith said...

what cute doggies!!! :D I love when dogs have friends :D
Also, thanks for entering my blog! I love that you would use the bowl for jewelry! I keep my stuff that can't hang in bowls that I made in elementary school! crazy!
Have a great weekend :D

Kae* said...

sounds like a great weekend! :) I want to see Water for Elephants too! I finished the book in only 2 days :) Happy Weekend!!

Mrs. C said...

Oh my goodness, your bulldog and my bulldog are twins. =) Have a great weekend

amy (metz) walker said...

I can't BELIEVE it's still snowing there! I'd die! ;-)