The cuteness of my niece...

My SIL Crystal is running her first 1/2 marathon on the 1st in Vancouver so I decided I must make Emerson an outfit to wear while she cheers Mom on.

I love how it turned out:

And it is even cuter on!
Oh my word just look at her.


Know someone else who needs a personlized outfit for a special event? Just let us know.
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Have a great weekend!

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Suze said...

oh my word seriously that is adorable! it turned out AWESOME! i cant wait to get my hands on what you've sent in the mail for ally to wear! hehe. :)

Julie said...

haha that is so precious!! love it! and love her cute cheeks! :)

Jaclyn said...

Ahhh, look at her! Great job on the outfit, and best of luck to your sister-in-law!

Jessica said...

Gah! It looks awesome!

Raven said...

You made that? SOOOOOO cute!! and good job!

krink said...

Oh my goodness these pictures turned out AMAZING!!! And can I just say that her onesie is my new FAVORITE outfit! I'm in LOVE with it... and my daughter wearing it. Thank you!