Birthday Wishes & an Award!

Today is my sweet Mayela's birthday.
How is it possible that you are 6 years old today?
These pictures seem like just a few years back, not 6...

These are our first pictures together! 
 And now look at you! 
All grown up holding your baby brother!

We love you to bits munchkin and miss you everyday! :)

Thank you to Kae & Momma St.J who both awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

Kae is a sweet new blogger who seems to be so full of life and happy all the time! Love it. And Momma St. J cracks me up! She is beautiful Mom, married to a Canadian (which makes me adore her more!) and also loves poutine just as much as me! :) Go say hello to them please.

So I am supposed to tell you guys 7 random things about me...this is tough.

(1) I love that Survivor (the show) means we have dinner at least once a week with my Mom, Dad and Nana. Random: I have watched every season with Mom & Dad!
We missed you last night Nana - hope you are feeling better.
Anyone else watch Survivor still? I do love Boston Rob. And how cute is it that he met Amber on Survivor and now they are married and have a cute little girl.

(2) Someday I plan on going to Africa. Working in an orphanage and going on a jeep safari. Justin is coming.

(3) I am SO excited for Wednesday. Why? MY BROTHER IS COMING HOME!!!! It's like Christmas almost! I am giddy to see him. It has been over 7 month people - 7 month since I have seen that goofy face I love.

(4) I have a love hate relationship with wake boarding. I love it once I am out there and up. But it makes me nervous all at the same time. I hate falling.
This is Jeff below not me. But my nickname is Air Alison so just use your imagination. :)

(5) I ate squirrel & guinea pig once. I didn't mean to i promise. I was in Ecuador and was staying with a family while I volunteered in a orpahange and they served it my first night. Apparently it is a delicacy. Not so much in my mind. It still had some hair on it. Sorry that's gross - but true and random!
(6) I love camping and I am not the princess some people mistake me for. I sorta take offence to being referenced to a princess actually.
Random tidbit: I had cheesecake for the first time when I went camping with Mom, Dad & Jeff up the creek at the lake when I was maybe 10. Yes my Mom took a homemade cheesecake camping. I remember picking at it on the boat ride over and realizing I liked it. I just didn't like the name, 'Cheese' + 'Cake'. I don't know why I just thought of that. There's random for ya!

(7) My brother is coming home on Wednesday - did I mention this? I wonder if he wants to hangout with me everyday for a week. :) haha I'm sad to steal him away from Jolie but will be SO happy to see him. Jolie book that trip to Calgary already!

Thanks girls!
Happy Thursday!

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Leigh said...

Aw happy birthday to your niece! So exciting that your brother is coming home! How long is he staying for?

Just the Two of US said...

Happy bday to your neice! Have an amazing thursday sweets! xoxo

Logan said...

Mayela was very excited to see herself on the computer!! Thank you, YOU are the worlds best Aunt!!

Jeff safe travels home!

Skype date tonight!! XOXO

Ashley said...

I don't watch survivor anymore and saw a commercial for it the other day and was amazed it was still on!! I didn't know people watched it still!

I would love to do a safari in Africa too, but I need a better a camera!

Have fun with your brother!!

At least you can wake board.. I tried water skiing ONCE, finally got up and let go out of excitement! Never got back up! It was hard work!

Jaclyn said...

Love your seven facts. You sound like a blast! Any time someone calls you a princess, smash a tiara in his or her face!

Caroline said...

So cute! Congrats on the award and have a great time!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Mayela LOVE from Uncle Rick and Auntie Jayne!! :)))

I took Cheesecake camping? What was I thinking?!?!?!

Kae* said...

Thank you so much for the kind, sweet words :) They mean more then you know to me! Happy Birthday to Mayela! She is adorable! And I think its awesome you are into camping. I am a Wyoming girl, and LOVE LOVE LOVE camping! Might be one of my favorite things to do (and I love staying in a tent not camper) my mom thinks this is awful haha! Happy Thursday! and thank you again!

Kae :)

Raven said...

Those pictures up top, so cute! Loved seeing her as a little girl and then holding her baby brother. TOO precious. YES PLEASE on going to Africa (for both a safari and volunteering) and I am OBSESSED with Survivor. I LOVE Rob. He so deserves to win. and yes, I love him and Amber. You they now have another baby girl, right?

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Cute kids! They grow up so quickly!

I love how you get annoyed that people think you are a princess! I am a princess and I am the first person to tell anyone that!

Rachel W said...

Yeah Jeff is coming home!

Boston Rob rules!!

Have a great weekend xoxo

Whit said...

Love this post!! LOVE Survivor (and Boston Rob), take me camping with you and so happy Jeff's coming home!!