2 posts in 1 day - say what!?


I just had to do a quick post on the fact that my parents are not just regular parents. 
Not mine.

In more ways than one but right now I am talking about this past Sundays half marathon.
The conditions this weekend SUCKED to put it nicely. It would have been an awful run - BUT despite that...
Mom came in 1st out of 104 people in her age group (AND 2nd place was 5 minutes behind her!!!) & Dad came in 15th out of 175 people in his age group!
Wholly bananas right!

They have both run full marathons before. 
Mom in New York.
Dad in Boston.

I am so proud to have parents that are so active, fit & ripped! :) 
I don't think there are many people who have parents who both have six packs! :)
Love you both like crazy and GOOD work!!!

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Rachel and John said...

That is SUPER impressive!

Suze said...

gah lee girl , you do have superman rock star parents ;) they did awesome and i know your proud of them :) hope you've had a great monday!!!!!

Venassa said...

Wow good for them! It's awesome when people stay fit as they get older. My grandfather walks all the time and you can tell he's in much better condition than a lot of his younger brothers and sisters. He had a stroke and it didn't slow him down physically at all because he's in such good shape. So tell your parents to keep up the great work!

Mom said...

Thanks AJ!! A little stiff today but nothing too bad. Better than we thought we would be after all the slipping and sliding around the course. As Dad always says....it will build character..hahaha


Leigh said...

That's awesome for your parents! Can I be like them when I grow up? Haha

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

wow that's amazing! congrats to them both!

Alex said...

wow! Congratulations to your mama and papa! That is freakin' fantastic!!!

Alex said...

btw- look at your mom's guns!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Congrats to your parents! I agree- it was a "character building" race!

krink said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Rick and Jayne! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO amazing! They are my heros! I love your parents! I thought about how awful it would be to be running on Sunday... But I'm so proud they toughed it out! Well done you two!