What I'm Loving...


Linking up with Jamie for WILW! :)
(1) Today I am loving my giveaway for a fabulous Bondi Band. Get your favorites in to win!
(2) I'm loving that Spring Break is 2 very short days away and I have a fun weekend planned for Justin and I. I can't wait to share what we are doing but it is a SECRET! shh.
But it's going to be fun! One of the things we are doing is on my bucket list!

Cruz is going for a fun weekend with Grandma & Grampa! And then we have the whole week to hangout with her. Thanks Mom & Dad you guys are the BEST.
(3) I'm loving that I have 2 baby showers to plan for 2 very special little boys.
I'm meeting up with Leigh & Vanessa tomorrow to plan Rachel's and then Karen and I are throwing one for Whit in June. I LOVE planning!
(4) I'm loving that seeing my brother seems like "in the not so distant future" now.
I miss him like crazy and just want a big brother hug already!

(5) I'm loving seeing our students grow up. I feel very fortunate to have 3 students at this school that I have worked with since they were about 3-4 and now they are 11! It is amazing to think back to the {non-verbal, chair throwing, full day of complete meltdowns, would only play alone} kids -   and now see them reading a novel, asking me if I am feeling better, socializing with their friends...amazing.

(6) I'm loving my Justin. Lately he has been so busy with work 'stuff' and has some big choices and decisions to make. But I could not be more proud of him.

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Leigh said...

I am jealous of you and spring break! I wish I was off next week as well. Can't wait to hear what you have planned for Justin and your weekend :)

See you tomorrow night!

Rachel and John said...

Awww this post was so full of love! Is Justin taking next week off to hang out with you?

krink said...

That's awesome AJ!

Caroline said...

Can't wait to hear about your surprise weekend!

Suze said...

I totes want to know what your surprise is!

yay for spring break, seeing your brother sooooner than later, baby shower planning , and just spring being here!

Logan said...

Wow them are 2 lucky babies and moms! I know you are an amazing planner!!:)

Ashley Slater said...

You are way too cute. Love this post!