What I'm Loving TODAY!


I'm loving that we are headed to the lake this weekend for our annual winter weekend away with 2 of our favorite couples. This year we have another little man joining us and I could not be more excited. Our friends Dustin and Whitney are expecting a little BOY in July. SO excited for them. :)

Last year:

I'm loving Justin and his goofy faces.

I'm loving that Mom and Dad are off to Palm Springs this Friday for a vacation! A TAD jealous but excited for them. And I'm loving that Ripken is coming to stay with us! Cruz is pretty darn excited too!

I'm loving that Jolie will be back in Columbus this weekend with Jeff for Birthday! Pretty sure you've got the best girlfriend ever Jeff, just saying!

I'm loving this clip of Despicable Me that Jeff sent me. This is the BEST part of the movie. LOVE it. Thanks Bud, I miss you.

I'm loving these dresses! I want to wear dresses not parkas!
Victoria Secret
Mod Cloth

I'm loving that Kristen over at Little Law's Prints is having a fundraiser for the months of  March & April for 2 special little babies Maddie & Cohen that left this world far too early.
(These prints come in either pink or blue) 

 Please visit Little Law's Prints or email Kristen at littlelawsprints@gmail.com for more details. Thank you for doing this Kristen.

She also has this cute St. Patrick's Day freebie too!

I loved my Valentine's day one!

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Rachel and John said...

YAY for a winter lake weekend! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Leigh said...

Hope you have a great weekend at the lake! Hopefully it warms up a bit for you!

Leslie said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend in store! can't wait to hear about it! and I'm ready for dresses too! so over winter! :(

Jaclyn said...

That's my favorite part of "Despicable Me," too!!! When I saw it on DVD, I kept rewinding it ... over ... and over ... And ModCloth just rocks. I've not made a MC purchase yet ... but it's coming, I feel it!!

Jessica said...

I'm so ready to hang up my coat and crack out some cute spring dresses!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, love that VS dress!! Y'alls getaway sounds like so much fun!!

Suze said...

Man what a fun weekend you got planned lady!enjoy it while im sitting at home writing 8 essays for mid term and doing another mid term ewwww! loving those dresses too!!