Weekend Bliss in mostly pictures...

Well our weekend started off by dropping Cruzie off at my Mom and Dad's for her weekend getaway which included walks in the ravine, a run with Grandma & Grampa and most likely lots of attention. Lucky girl.
Then we hit Starbucks and we were on the road to Banff. This is where Justin found out where we were going, not what the plan was. {Not that having plan made a difference seeing as it was RUINED, anyways more on that to come.}
So we found the hotel, sorta, after circling around Banff for a bit and Justin getting frustrated with me because all I knew was the address. 
Caribou Street. That should be enough info right! Nope. Anyways we found it right between Wolf Street & Bear Street, seriously.
So we checked in, rooms were beautiful and then we headed over the The Keg, one of our favs.
After a delicious dinner (Ribs & Baseball Steak, naturally) we found a fun Martini Bar.

No I did not come back to the room and check blogs. :) OK maybe just a little while Justin caught up on sports highlights.

We woke up too early (because it was voted the loudest hotel room EVER!) to it snowing.
I was slightly panicked because at 3:30pm that day we were scheduled for a HELICOPTER ride over the Rockies.
I was SO excited that I told Justin/he guessed the night before.

Anyways we had a great breakfast at Coyotes Southwestern Grill and then did some shopping.
Justin got new replacement lenses for this Oakley Snow Goggles and I got new Lululemon pants using a birthday gift card from Debbie. They are lovely, Justin agrees!
It turned into a beautiful sunny day so we were both super pumped for 3:30pm. 

We headed into Canmore. 
Checked out the shops, bought Cruz & Ripken some home-made treats and got Cruz a super cool toy for this summer in the water.
Had a delish lunch at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. - SO good.

Stopped at the Canmore Nordic Center for a walk...
Still beautiful and sunny I may add.

So we started heading toward the meeting spot for the Helicopter Tour and as we got closer and closer it got foggier and foggier and the clouds kept getting lower and lower and as soon as the meeting spot was in view, my cell phone rang and it was them canceling due to weather. :(
Major pout.
Oh well, we'll reschedule for another time. 
It would have been super cool though darnit! 

So we headed home, had a quick nap (remember the super loud hotel) and then got ready for dinner at the Calgary Tower Restaurant Sky 360.
The fog followed us home which is too bad because the restaurant is all windows and revolves the entire time, so you would normally see the views of Calgary and the mountains. 
As you can see below is was too foggy to see much of anything..

Glass floor.
Justin held my hand and he needed a little coaxing to get on. :)

Yes I embarrased my husband by taking a picture of our food. :) It was too pretty not too! And yummy.
{Thank you Crystal and Troy for our gift certificate}

Since the restuarant revoles we got 3 different notes come by our window from kids...I played along. 

Then Sunday we had brunch over at Mom & Dad's and had dinner with Crystal, Troy, Debbie, Emerson, Aunty Di & Uncle Shannon. 
Nice Family time as always.

Overall a PERFECT Weekend. :)

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Erin said...

My SIL goes to Banff frequently- she is from Calgary. We can't wait to visit..it looks amazing! Glad you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I think I need to goto Banff! It sounds fantastic!! lol

Oh and congrats to Justin with the new job!!

Did anyone tell you guys how cute you are together? Just sayin'

Rachel and John said...

Sounds so perfect! I love weekends in the mountains!!

Mom said...

Great photos and love the hat!!!!

Suze said...

First things first. What a FUN weekend! Pouts for no helicopter ride :( Emerson is soooo cute oh my goodness! I so want to know where you got your hat at too! love it! That glass floor is toooo cool. I'm adding that to a place to visit plus the food looked good haha! That is so sweet of those kids to ask y'all questions and funny! At least you were kind enough to respond back ha :) Oh and girl those heels loveeeee them. If only my fat feet would fit in those haha ! :) Glad you had a FANTASTIC weekend! Hope your enjoying spring break! xx

Mrs. B said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a great weekend!! That restaurant looks awesome! :)

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend! I could see where you would be a little disappointed, but you shouldn't be...it still looked great. You two are so cute together! :) Enjoy your week!

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Too bad that the helicopter ride couldn't happen...hopefully you will be able to again soon!

Love your hat and your dress :)

Leigh said...

Ps- if you and Cruz are free tomorrow night, would you guys be up for a walk? Let me know :)

Jessica said...

You two are SO cute, sounds like you had a great weekend!

krink said...

Glad you guys made the best of your weekend getaway. Sorry bout the cancelled tour, and the fog downtown at the 360 restaurant. But glad that you guys enjoyed it, and that the food was good. Troy and I always enjoy ourselves when we go. And thanks again for coming on Sunday night for dinner. Wouldn't have been the same without you three!

Matt and Vanessa said...

Yay weekend get away. Too bad for the fog I know you were looking forward to it a lot. But I'm glad that the rest of your weekend was great!

Logan said...

Love the hat!! Your dress is so beautiful!! Thats a bummer about the helicopter ride! Another time!!:)

Adrian said...

Oh what a great weekend!! I'm bummed your helicopter ride was canceled and that it was foggy for your revolving windowed dinner. Just looking at you standing on the glass floor gave me heart palpitations--it would have taken a lot more than hand holding to get me to stand on that!!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Looks like a great weekend minus the cancelled helicopter ride. I love your hat!! It is so cute!

I can't stand the glass floor in the Calgary tower either! The notes are so cute! That is a great idea!

What hotel did you stay at in Banff? We stayed at the Ptarmigan last month and we woke up to drunks running up and down the hallway knocking on doors. So brutal!