Tuesday Random


Ok..so mother nature, let's talk....
-27? Feels like -44?
Really? Reaaally?

I want to see some pretty blossoms and sunshine.
I need it really.

My spring clothes are dyyyying to get out of hybernation.

And we all know I could LIVE in my flip flops.

Are you ready Mother Nature? Because I am...now GO.

Now like I said in my title, totally random but, this I need to try.
Anti-gravity Yoga! So cool.
Pretty sure I could hang there ALL day.

And here is a 'sneak peak' at one of my first organza headhands I made.

Sportin' it on Valentine's Day!

Cruz modeling one of my felt ones. I'm sorry Cruz. Never again.

Whitney and I have lots planned for this little business venture of ours and we are both SO super duper excited!
And lastly, Justin and I were talking last night when we saw the new contestants for Dancing with the Stars (which was don't watch) and he was saying he always got Petra Nemcova and Adrianna Lima confused.

I am here to show him that they are both brunette yes, both hot yes but look quite different.

See Babe:

Adrianna Lima
Petra Nemcova

I will always be here to prove you wrong, or just not right, whatever way you want to look at it. I love you.

Happy Tuesday.

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Justin said...

Thanks babe! I was really concerned when I couldn't tell the difference. Thanks for clarifying it for me. By the way, Mrs. Lima is way better!!!

Love ya!

Rachel and John said...

Um you too are adorable!!

Also, I LOVE those headbands! When can I buy one?

Leigh said...

I love your headband from your Valentine's Day picture! Super cute! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

Al said...

I couldn't agree with you more - SPRING weather needs to happen ASAP. I got spoiled on that road trip south, and now all I want is SUN. By the way, totally diggin those headbands :) xoxo!

Logan said...

-40 straight up, no wind, its cold!! when is spring?? how about summer?

Love the headbands!! Good job!!

Cruz, you look adorable! Avah likes your picture!

Jessica said...

Your headbands are adorable!

I'm so ready for spring too, wish it would hurry up! :/

It's A Love Story said...

I cant wait for spring!!

krink said...

Anti-Gravity Yoga HERE I COME! And that headband was totally cute! Yes I could use some flip-flop sporting weather also. Plus you know me... I love my slip on shoes... which are not really feasible in this foot of snow we have! Plus maybe more importantly for me... I need to practice running outside soon... sometime before May would be a good thing :D

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

LOVE the headbands! super cute :) and you're right..that yoga looks fun!

Annie said...

my goodness, those temps are outta control!!!
the picture of the anti-gravity yoga looks heavenly to me right about now....my back is killing me and i see no relief in sight. and i have a baby foot jammed under my right rib cage, not all that comfortable ;)
the headbands are super cute hun!!