Top 2 & tidbits!

Today over at Taylor's blog it is "Top 2 Dream Rooms"

(1) Everyone gathers in the kitchen.
So these beautiful spacious kitchens are beau-ti-ful.

(2) I love funky tubs, espcially claw foot tubs. And I love chandeliers.
So if you look really carefully you can see me climbing into this bad boy.
Ok maybe not but I'd like to be...

I have also been a lucky duck in giveaways lately. Like seriously lucky. I'm not normally lucky so maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or something...but I'm not complaining I hope the luck conitnues in other areas of my life too. :)
Anyways I received my first 'win' in mail and I was super duper excited. I love mail.
It was a Bondi Band that I won from Win, Lose or Blog.

A before workout shot...
It is fabulous! I did Insanity's Plyometric Cardio Circuit and it didn't budge.
I didn't touch it once!
Sweaty mess - after workout shot - see still in place!

Seeing as I'm talking workouts - I LOVE my interval timer. It makes the BodyRock workouts SO simple. Zuzana tells you in the workout write up what to set the intervals at and presto, it's done.
(Well, simple only after your husband explains how to use the little gadget, but NOW it is simple)
And I LOVE love LOVE it. :)

See now I can pretend I am Zuzana!

Yesterday was the first day I have done an Insanity workout in a while but since Jolie is started Insanity yesterday (how did it go Jols? alive? love it slash hate it?) I dedided to start doing it more again. And I must say I just love it. They are hard but so good and I just feel great after doing it.
Cruz loves it too. She has specific times throughout the workout that she really believe she is supposed to take part in. Like the 'suicides' for example she goes BANANAS when I do these. Drives me bonker!

Cruz 'working out'.

Well that's it. Happy Tuesday!

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krink said...

Glad you're feeling better and back to working out! I think I'm going to try the insanity workout after my race in May. Just in time for swimsuit season :D

Rachel and John said...

you CRAZY work out girl. I wish I had your motivation.

Leigh said...

I've heard about the Bondi Bands and how great they are! I think I might have to order one for my half marathon...I hate hair in my face when I run.

I've never tried the Insanity workouts, but definitely want to!

Amber said...

Love your top 2! I definitely agree on both of those.

I've never been able to wear headbands while working out because I couldn't find one to stay on. Maybe I should give this one a try.

Caroline said...

You look so cute even when you're hot and sweaty. Love that HUGE tub. And isn't Cruz the cutest?!

black tag diaries said...

love your top 2... and must try this bondi band you speak of... i can never get any of those bands to stay in place... will def be looking into this.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Ya for headbands I love a good headband!

I just started doing Kettlebell workouts and OMG love it! I am doing Jillian Michaels Shred with kettlebells and it is good so far! What was the one you use? And how heavy is yours?

Jessica said...

I really need to get some good headbands, especially if I'm running this 5k next month. ;)

itsybitsybrianna said...

stopping by from TOP TWO TUESDAY
please visit my NEW blog on Wordpress.
I am new on wordpress, coming from blogger!
It's such change, and Im having trouble adjusting!


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

thats so funny that you've been winning alot of giveaways lately. i have been too! the more you enter, the better chances! i love that it stayed in place during your whole workout too. i may have to get one of those.

Hippie_Mama said...

Hello from your newest follower! I enjoyed reading this post, you are so funny! I would love a follow back. :)

I love claw foot tubs too! I think they are so vintage and cool, I totally want one in my dream bathtub! :) Oh and I think your dog Cruz is so cute! We are waiting until we buy our own home to buy our son a puppy- which may prove to be a bad idea, I just now realized lol. New house and new puppy.... Hmmm. I might have to have a discussion with my husband about that one lol. :)

Hope your Tuesday was great! Can't wait to get to know you through your blog. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Adrian said...

Do the bondibands have elastic on the inside? I can't wear any elastic headbands because they break my hair, and I am so not down for that haha Also, most headbands slip off my little bitty head, so I am curious if the BB would too! BTW, you are super cute, even after a workout! Definitely look like Zuzanna with the gymboss timer in between your boobs haha so classic!

Megan said...

How do you look gorgeous even after a crazy workout?? I love that first dream kitchen!

Date Girl said...

I love those kitchens. Everyone really does gather in the kitchen. My dream home is going to have a fabulous kitchen. Someday....

Anonymous said...

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Chase Conely said...

Those two rooms consist of different details that amuse me. In the kitchen, I noticed that huge clock (correct me if I’m wrong) over the stove…It’s pretty a clever idea to put it there so you’d be able to keep track of the time while you’re cooking. In the bathroom, the wallpaper stunned me. Red is such a strong, vibrant color!