Thursday loves...


Happy Thursday! I'm a bit of a grump today so I'm going with a post of happy!
Here goes nothing.
Lily had an impromptu sleepover last night so that was fun to have a little slumber party mid-week!
Poor Justin is currently extremely under the weather. He is on day 2 of being home sick.
(ok so that's not part of my happy post...)
Here are the few pictures I did take on our super weekend getaway to the lake!
5th Annual! Whoo hoo!

The only group shot!

"Just throw the ball Mom quit taking pictures geesh"

"I just need to cool off my belly and I'll be right back" 

"ok I know the ball went down right here"

"Oh wow that was hard work, how's my face look?"

I need to steal all of Blake's pics (and Whit's) because I only have the one's from Dust & Just sledding before Karen & Blake arrived.
We could almost have considered it a girls weekend at the cabin seeing as how much time the guys spend out on the sleds or upstairs playing washers!

Thanks again Mom & Dad for letting us take over the cabin for the weekend again!

 Look at that sass! Love you Mayela.

Oh Dal you sweet little man!
Sleepin' at snack time!  

I want/need to learn how to do this braid.
Any ideas? I have googled tutorials but not found a decent one...

I just want the that so much to ask?

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Jessica said...

Is it called a fishtail braid? I love the look of it!

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Alex said...

oooh fishtail braid! My mom used to do those for me all the time!! I could so get her to do one on a video if you desperately need it :D

Logan said...

Love the braid, but I dont even know how to french braid, let alone fishtail braid!

The weekend is not much to ask for!! Me too, actually I want it to be next week friday the 18th!! Spring break!! and to pause it for maybe 2 months! :)

That sassy little girl, lost her first tooth yesterday!! and the toothfairy brought a toonie!! my day maybe a quarter if I was lucky!

lifeaskara said...

Your dog is adorable!
I think a fishtail braid is done with 4 pieces of hair instead of three (like a typical braid) but I have no idea how to do it, sorry - good luck!

Kristin said...

I dont even know how to do a french braid :p

Adrian said...

Fish tail braids are pretty simple, they just look harder than they really are ;)

1} pull your hair back into a pony at the nape of your neck
2} divide hair into two sections
3} take a small piece of hair from the far side of one section, and cross it over into the other section
4} repeat back and forth on each side with small pieces of hair.

Remember that nothing gets looped around or anything, just criss-crossed across the center into the other section. Keep your pieces pretty uniform, and you will have a lovely fish tail braid!

I'll think about doing a photo blog or video how to if this isn't as simple to do as I think it is ;)

krink said...

If you can't figure it out from Adrian's comment, I know how to do them and can show you on Saturday when I come over. My mom used to do them in my hair all the time. Fishtail braids look awesome and so unique.
Thanks again for lunch sweetie!
See you Saturday!

Rachel and John said...

Aw Cruz is such a snow dog! Looks like a great weekend!!

Leigh said...

I am commenting late, but it's Friday!! Woo hoo! Hope your week has gotten a little bit better :)