One of the best sounds in the world.

 This just made my day.

I got this in an email and just had to share it.
I needed a 'pick me up' and this was the ticket. 
Love it!!!
If this doesn't make you laugh then we better talk.

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Leigh said...

Hahah funny enough my co-worker was watching that yesterday and I could hear it down the hallway and had to see what it was all about. So funny!

Michelle said...

Mike and I were totally laughing at that last night. It's so freaking cute it will make even the grumpiest of grumps smile! Glad it brightened your day!

Megan said...

So stinking cute.

Venassa said...

That is the best video ever! If only it was that easy to get all babies to laugh.

Kristin said...

saw it on ellen today, so cute