Monday madness!


Monday are always BANANAS-Yo! Geesh!

We had a incredible weekend. It was so much fun and totally great so more on that to come.
Today (as most of my Monday posts will be random, completely, therefore I will use bullets!)
  • I am excited to go pick Ripken up after work! We are going to 'test' Cruz and see if we can leave her out (from being baracaded in the mud room) and roam free (with all closed doors) with Ripken this week. Time will tell. Hear that Cruzie, you better be a good girl!!!
  • Nana has her 1st chemotherapy session today! I am so excited for her to be DONE and healthy and ready for her to enjoy summer! She needs it and deserves it. XOXO
  • I'm loving that Jeff won both his games this weekend! And Jolie was there and it was his birthday! {Sorry I woke you up yesterday Bud}
  • Mom & Dad send me this:
I am a little bit jealous of their clothing - or lack there of and beverages in hand. But SO glad they are having great weather and a fabulous time!
They are going shopping for me today!!! These were on my wish list if they find a Target!
Love them!!

  • Is it bad that I am already ready for the weekend?
  • I'm sending Justin some luck, everyone needs a little luck now and then. I don't really think he needs it, but I am sending it anyways. :)
  • I think I had more to say but now I can't think of it....I have the song from Toy Story in my head. Lily was humming it at 8:15am in my office and I have been humming it since. Thanks Lil.
  • I'm doing Jillian Micheals 6 week six pack tonight. Maybe if I write it, I will actually do it. I haven't been feeling great lately so I haven't been up to my typical workouts but decided today maybe it's better to push on through. We'll see how it goes.
  • I loved my Gran's email telling me that if I got another tattoo I should check for her in her local hospital. ha ha ha You are a hoot Gran! xoxo
  • I'll leave you with these:

How's that for random. Happy Monday!

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Katie said...

Those sandals are really cute!! They're from Target?

Leigh said...

I like random posts like this :) If your parent's don't find them for you, I am going to the States while I am home in April so I can check then as well. Just let me know :)

And good luck to Justin if it's what I think it's for!

Rachel and John said...

Wishing your husband luck, when he doesn't need it is like hoping he "gets lucky"...which is a win win for both of you ;)

Jessica said...

Glad they're having a good time! So cute they sent you that picture. :)

I still haven't gotten the courage to try Jillian. The DVD is yelling at me from the dining room. Lol

krink said...

AJ I am in LOVE with those sandals! Too bad your feet are just a bit bigger than mine :(
Please pass along our love and support for Nana!
And you're right... Justin doesn't need luck... he has SKILL! bahaha!

Alex said...

love your blog!

My mom and dad are going to Hawaii this weekend. I'm just a little jealous, lol!