Friday Confessional


I confess...this is my first time participating in Friday Confessional but it looked fun so here I am!

(1) I confess that I am more than ready for Spring Break. The countdown is on - 10 work days left. I am even more excited because Justin is taking the week off too.

(2) I confess that I wish we were headed to a beach or at least somewhere hot for Spring Break! I swear some beach is calling my name loud and clear.

(3) I confess that I worry too much about things that are out of my hands. That's a serious waste of a worry!

(4) I confess that I'm not even feeling creative enough to do this confession list. Thank goodness it's Friday.

(5) I confess that I spend far too much time of Etsy. And spend far far far to much time planning the rooms of my future children. My poor husband.

(6) I confess that I would be extrememly happy to spend the weekend in my PJs without leaving the house. Not gonna happen though. :(

(7) I confess that tonight I plan to:
(8) I confess that I often forget someones name the minute after they tell it to me. I did that today and got mad at myself for forgetting...already.

(9) I confess that I love my family more than a billion words could explain.

(10) I confess that I could not think of something for #10 but didn't want to leave it at #9 so wrote all of this just to add a #10. Done.

Happy Friday!
Are you guys as ready as I am? Well I'm off to go pick up Ripken & Cruzie, we are hitting the dog park because it is actually decent out! :)

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Stephanie said...

I love Etsy too! It's way addicting. Be sure to head over to my blog don't want to miss it. Hint hint!

Rachel and John said...

I confess that today I didn't get out of bed until 3:30pm....oops!
I hope you sneak some lazy into your busy weekend!

Date Girl said...

I forget names all the time. If I don't repeat them the minute people tell me, they just filter out of my head. I think it takes me about 5-6 times of hearing it before it really sinks in.

I'm a newlywed too so I already adore your blog. Today was my first confessional too. Future blogger buds? I think so! ;-)

Amy said...

Hiya, stopping by from Mamarazzi's page!

I love Etsy, but I forget about it sometimes. That's probably good for the pocket book it seems :)

I love your number 7, and I am right there with you about the names! I've tried all the tricks in the book to remember names and it just doesn't work for me.

Jessica said...

I almost bought that sign last weekend in Burlington Coat Factory! LOVE IT

Megan said...

I used to spend so much time on Etsy when I was planning our wedding. Ahhhh. Thank goodness I have stopped obsessing over it a little bit. I think a pajama weekend sounds great!

Impulsive Addict said...

How cute is your header!?! I LOOOOVE IT!

Yes, etsy is addicting! It's like a cuter version of ebay. I find so much stuff that I don't need but buy anyway on there.

I'm a teacher turned stay at home mom. The only names I ever remember are my students names....usually on the first day I have them memorized. However, I never do that outside of the classroom. What's up with that?

Stopping by via Mamarazzi's link up. Have a great weekend!~

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to leave you another message. Be sure to check my post out:

Ashley Slater said...

I love your confessions! I forget people's names too! Like, a split second after I hear them... I am usually trying to think of what I am going to say next and really don't even hear them. HAH!

Mamarazzi said...

sadly i do the same thing forgetting names it TRULY is frustrating isn't it?!

I am so very late visiting everyone.

This seems to be something I say a lot.

PLEASE forgive the drive by comment!

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your participation in the Friday Confessional linky party.