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Hi my name is a Cruz and I am a nightmare on leash (except with my Dad).

So my Mom bought me this:

This is what I think of it:

This is what I will do when you put it on me to "allow me to get used to it":

And I'd like to say this:

Ok Alison here, let me explain.
When we went for a walk with Amy, she had a harness that hooked the leash in the middle of Rio's back, it seemed to work well & didn't pull on her neck. So I thought "I'm going to try this..."
So off I went to Pet Planet. They are so helpful there and recommended we try this one above since Cruz is a bigger dog and they have found these work well with larger breeds. It give a pull around their nose and pulls their head to the side rather than pulling on their neck.

She definitely didn't love it.
On our first walk yesterday morning she pawed at it every step and half way around our first loop she had it off her nose. So fine I left it off and she walked great the remainder of our walk(like she does with her Dad, no I am not bitter AT ALL that she walks perfect with the guy who only walks her on weekends but I won't get into that..or should I? Ok not now..)

Anyways - then on our afternoon walk, I tightened it up on her nose a bit and she pawed at it for just a short time and then pretty much ignored it. She would dig her nose in big drifts of snow but pretty much left it alone. I praised her with lots of Mommy talk and pats throughout our walk while she had it on (like that really helped right but it made me feel better. ha)

She is a smart cookie so my hope is she will figure out that all I want her to do is walk nicely beside me or my Mom (like she does for her Dad, humph) and then we won't have to use it.
Hear that Cruz, that's the plan yo.

I'll keep you posted.:)

Disclaimer: It does not hurt her at all. She can still open her mouth, breath and it is not on tight. The harness also has padding for on top of her nose. I read the training manual is comes with. :)

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Ashley said...

I have used a "halti" (that is what I call them) before with my previous lab and with Gracie when she acts up. You probably won't even need to use it after a while once, you "train" her... lol but labs are stubborn!!

I love the product, it really does make the difference! I also leave one on Gracie sometimes when I leave the house and leave her out, for some reason she feels less destructive, but can still drink and actually chew things...

I hope you find this as useful as I do!!

Leigh said...

We bought the body harness that is made by the same company as that one for Harley. It goes around his chest/back and the leash attaches under his chest and on his back...helps so much!

Ashley Paige said...

We have the same "control leash" for Sheepie- although it's called a "Gentle Leader." We've been using it with him and all his 103lbs for a little over a year now and we love it! Granted, he still does tumblesaults into the lawn on occasion when he suddenly remembers it's there.. but other than that? he doesn't mind it at all! good luck! :)

Cat said...

Oh Cruz…you are so dramatic :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, did it really make her walk better?? My lab walks TERRIBLE, like to the point that I cannot take her. I could definitely use this!

Caroline said...

Awww...Cruz. Knox is small enough that the body harness works for him. He would hate something like this. Hopefully, she'll be a quick learner and be good for her Mommy!

Logan said...

Cruz, you make me smile, but you should walk nice for your mom! Would it be bad to see if they have them for kids? I need one for a 5 year old who is going on 16 and knows everything, oh and is deaf these days! Yep and for an almost 3 year old who runs in and out of buildings and doesn't listen to me or care if a car is coming!

Jessica said...

Aww, poor Cruz!! Haha

Kathy said...

We used one of these too. I think ours was the 'Halti'. It worked pretty well. Zoey (border collie/Lab) became too good at getting it off and if she couldn't get it off she'd just drag her head on the ground for the entire walk (super annoying!). We ended up doing some crazy hardcore training with her and now she walks great 98% of the time with just a regular collar and leash.

Rachel and John said...

We have one! It's called a halti (sp?). Rudy also only walks great fro John but pulls me like CRAZY. So I use the halti and sometimes I try to go without but he pulls again. So he might always be a halti dog...until he gets less hyper. Ours pulls under his chin, so when he pulls it pulls his head down which makes him slow down.

I love it because I hate when he pulls on the normal collar and then sounds like he is choking.

Seriously?! said...

Oh how I can relate to this! Lucy is a stubborn old goat! She hated the halty, dragged her nose on the pavement.

I then used a 'pinch' coller, that worked, but I felt so guilty.

So now when she's high strung, I click it where it goes at her neck, then loop it under her belly and around her waist, so it looks like a "T" on her back. It pulls her hips back and keeps me in control. When we're near water I HAVE to do it this way. But in neighbourds, she's getting better.

But she's sooooo crazy. Crazy Labs. Good luck!!!!

Adrian said...

I totally used a halti on my last dog (boxer mix) and it changed my life, I swear! He was a puller too, and the halti stopped that pretty quick. He got over the annoying around the nose thing after a few walks because I was so much happier with him!

Marlo my current English bulldog pulls, but has no real nose bridge to work with, so we use a choke chain that has cord through it so it doesn't pinch her skin. Just the sound of the chain sliding against itself when I tug gets her to stop pulling, but isn't ideal.