On Sunday it is Jeff's birthday and since I don't usually post on weekend I thought I would take today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and remind him how much we adore him.


We hope you have a very special day bud, I know Jolie will make it that way for you.
Have fun!
I am looking forward to the year that we will actually get to spend your birthday with you!
It's been a while. :(
But we are proud of you for following your dreams and pushing past all the crap that has come your way this year.
You are such a strong human being and I look up to you in more ways than one. I am very lucky to have such a great guy to call my brother and have my back no matter what.
{I can't believe I haven't seen you since September! That sucks! Moving on... this is about your birthday not me whining, which I am pretty darn good at, anyways.}
Seriously - have a fabulous day!

Cruzie misses Uncle Jeff!

On a side note:  I am SO making this cake for my child's fist birthday. Yup the one we don't have yet. But mark my word I will. I have it printed and filed and everything. Yup I am that kind of crazy.

Just look at it, it's amazing. nom nom nom.

Happy Birthday (on Sunday) Brother!!!

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krink said...

Yes Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you and Jolie have a great weekend... as well as you AJ! Have fun at the lake :D

krink said...

Oh I forgot to mention that the cake is AWESOME!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday to your brother :)

Rachel and John said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Jessica said...

A very happy birthday to your brother!!! :D

Murdock's mama said...

I have it printed out and filed don't feel crazy [or maybe that makes both of us crazy?!] Have a great weekend & happy birthday to your brother!

logan said...

I will be thinking about you, and wishing you a Happy BIrthday, as I am SURPRISING my dad for his birthday tonight!! Wishing you an awesome year ahead!!!

Love the cake, Hhmmm.........

Megan said...

Happy early birthday to your brother!